Coop Dreams


Arag­tag flock of her­itage­breed hens named af­ter TV char­ac­ters lived in my child­hood yard. Wilma and Betty, Lucy and Ethel, and Al­ice and Trixie sup­plied our fam­ily with great eggs— recipe ideas for which you’ll find on page 36. They also of­fered our golden re­triev­ers much en­ter­tain­ment.

Ever since, I’ve had a soft spot for chick­ens. By law, they’re the only farm an­i­mal al­lowed at my sub­ur­ban home, and on lazy af­ter­noons, I de­sign a back­yard coop in my head while star­ing at an open patch of grass. But that’s as far as it gets. My ex­u­ber­ant pup would stress them out.

So I’ll raise chick­ens vi­car­i­ously through this is­sue with you. We’ll watch their an­tics with Becky Ser­nett, who writes on page 56 about how keep­ing hens is ther­a­putic. Let’s find the per­fect breed—you know, for some­day—in the guide on page 52. And on page 18, we can drop by Lynn Rob­son’s coop, which she and her hus­band re­made into a she shed.

We had so many chicken sto­ries to choose from for this is­sue, we could not squeeze them all in. But go to our Face­book page for more chicken tales in the com­ing weeks. And share one of your own. I can al­ways use more ideas for my imag­i­nary coop.

P.S. Thanks for all the

knit­ting ad­vice that poured in af­ter our last is­sue. I’m work­ing on it. Stay tuned! —JZ

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