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Keep fresh herbs at hand all win­ter long with these tin can planters.

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Raise your own in­door herbs with a few tins and a can-do at­ti­tude.


3 re­cy­cled soup cans

3 herb plants

Pot­ting soil

Burlap rib­bon, ex­tra-wide Burlap lace rib­bons, var­i­ous


3 flat wood ovals

Jute twine

3 oval stick­ers, black

Card stock scraps

3 wood skew­ers

Metal pie plate

Small dec­o­ra­tive rocks


Hot glue gun

Craft glue

Fine-point paint pen, white


1. Re­move la­bels from empty cans. Wash the cans with soap and wa­ter, re­mov­ing any la­bel residue. 2. Drill a small hole through the bot­tom of each can to pro­vide drainage. Re­pot each plant in a can, adding pot­ting soil as needed. 3. Wrap a piece of ex­tra-wide rib­bon around each can; over­lap ends. Fold over­lap­ping edge un­der to cre­ate a hem; hot-glue ends to­gether. 4. Wrap a piece of lace rib­bon around the wide rib­bon on each can, vary­ing the lace widths among the cans, and glue as in Step 3, po­si­tion­ing over­lapped ends over the pre­vi­ous ends. 5. Trace wood oval on wide burlap rib­bon and cut out 3 burlap ovals. Us­ing craft glue, ad­here a burlap oval to each wood oval, match­ing the edges. Trim edges to neaten, if needed. 6. Hot-glue a bor­der of twine around the edge of each burlap oval for a fin­ished look. 7. For each plant marker, use the paint pen to write an herb name on a sticker. At­tach sticker to a card stock scrap, and trim card edge even with sticker. Hot-glue sticker assem­bly to the cen­ter of a burlap oval. 8. Hot-glue the blunt end of a skewer to the back of each as­sem­bled herb marker. Let the mark­ers dry com­pletely. 9. Place plants in pie plate. Add mark­ers. Ar­range rocks around cans in pie plate as de­sired.

MAKE IT YOUR OWN Use any fab­ric and rib­bon combo you like. Or spray­paint the out­side of the cans for a sleeker look.

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