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Pretty up the din­ing room chairs be­fore com­pany ar­rives—in less than two hours.


Make over dull din­ing chairs in time for com­pany.

Re­uphol­ster­ing is a great way to bring tired-look­ing din­ing chairs back to life. And the process is sim­ple. 1. Us­ing a screw­driver or pli­ers, re­move the sta­ples in the seat’s old up­hol­stery. Re­move the cush­ion be­neath the fab­ric as well.

2. Trace the out­line of the seat onto a piece of 1-in.-thick high-den­sity foam and cut out the shape us­ing a bread knife. With scis­sors cut a 30x30-in. piece of quilt bat­ting so it over­hangs all sides of the seat by about 4 in.

3. Layer the foam on top of the seat board, then the quilt bat­ting. Fold the bat­ting over the board and, us­ing a sta­ple gun, drive a sta­ple into each of the four sides to hold the pad­ding in place.

4. Ar­range a 30x30-in. piece of up­hol­stery fab­ric over the pad­ding so any pat­terns or stripes align cor­rectly with the chair. Drive a sta­ple on each side to hold the fab­ric in place. Work­ing from the cen­ter out­ward, sta­ple along the front edge of the seat, lightly putting ten­sion on the ma­te­rial as you go. Flip the seat over sev­eral times to check the pat­tern align­ment.

5. Stop 2 in. from the cor­ners. Re­peat process along the back edge and the sides. Cut off the ex­cess bat­ting and up­hol­stery.

6. Fin­ish the cor­ners by first tuck­ing un­der the ma­te­rial at the cen­ter, then fold­ing and tuck­ing the ma­te­rial on each side. Sta­ple the folds. Flip seat right side up and at­tach to the chair.


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