Leaf Roses

Fold the col­ors of au­tumn into a beau­ti­ful new bloom.


Adapted from Na­ture Art Work­shop, pub­lished by Wal­ter Fos­ter Pub­lish­ing, an im­print of The Quarto Group. quar­to­knows.com WHAT YOU’LL NEED

10-20 au­tumn leaves per rose

Flo­ral wire or small, sturdy twig

Flo­ral tape, brown or green Non-yel­low­ing clear acrylic gloss spray


1. Start with smaller leaves, in­creas­ing size as you go. Fold the first leaf in half so the tip and stem are aligned, with the col­or­ful side fac­ing out. Roll the folded leaf, keep­ing the folded edge on top.

2. With the first rolled leaf in one hand, fold the next leaf in half and roll it around the first. 3. Con­tinue adding leaves in this way, turn­ing as you go to main­tain a con­sis­tent size. If the cen­ter of the rose be­gins to poke up a bit, gen­tly push it back down.

4. Stop adding leaves when you’re happy with the size. As you near com­ple­tion, place each of the fi­nal few leaves slightly lower on the rose. This will help hold all the lay­ers in.

5. Gen­tly slide a 9- or 10-in. piece of flo­ral wire or sturdy twig into the rose as far as it will go with­out dis­plac­ing the lay­ers.

6. Hold­ing the rose in one hand, place the end of the flo­ral tape un­der your thumb, and turn the rose gen­tly to wrap the tape around the base, stretch­ing it as you go to keep it tight. Wrap 7 to 10 lay­ers of tape around the base.

7. Con­tinue wrap­ping down the wire un­til you reach the end; cover the end in tape, and wrap back up the stem tightly.

8. Al­low a few days for the rose to dry, then spray with non-yel­low­ing clear acrylic gloss to help pre­serve the rose and lock in its color.


As you work, do not set the rose down. This will cause it to un­ravel.

De­pend­ing on the leaves you select, you can cre­ate roses of all one color or mul­ti­col­ored ones.

Leaves with stems at­tached will cre­ate a stur­dier, longer-last­ing rose.


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