Mini Pret­zel Pump­kins

These sweet and crunchy pump­kin­shaped treats are sure to please Hal­loween munch­ers.

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1/2 lb. white candy coat­ing, coarsely chopped 24 minia­ture pret­zels Orange col­ored sugar or sprin­kles

6 green gum­drops, cut into

four length­wise slices

1. In a mi­crowave, melt candy coat­ing; stir un­til smooth. Dip one pret­zel in candy coat­ing; let ex­cess drip off.

2. Place on waxed pa­per-lined bak­ing sheets. If de­sired, fill pret­zel holes with candy coat­ing. Dec­o­rate with orange sugar or sprin­kles. For stem, dip the back of one gum­drop piece into candy coat­ing; place above the pump­kin. Re­peat. Let stand un­til set, about 30 min­utes.

1 PUMP­KIN 61 cal., 3g fat (2g sat. fat), 0 chol., 27mg sod., 9g carb. (7g su­gars, 0 fiber), 0 pro.

DRESS IT UPGar­nish drinks with mint sprigs and sliced oranges for a fes­tive feel. GINGERORANGE RE­FRESHER MINI PRET­ZEL PUMP­KINS

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