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Q: What’s your best tip for saving money at the grocery store?


For years I have planned two weeks of meals at a time. I use the current grocery store ad to see what is on sale and find recipes that use these items. I have a clipboard my son made attached to the fridge, and it holds my menu and recipes. I check what ingredient­s I already have, and make out my grocery list of what I need. Having a good list keeps me from buying unnecessar­y items. (Except maybe sponge candy!) It saves money, since I only go once every two weeks and am not there all the time buying extra items. This has worked for me for 39 years and I can’t imagine doing it any other way!


I live in a small town with a local, family-owned grocery store only two blocks from me, making it easy to stop in a few times each week. That way I can shop for the weekly advertised items and daily specials. I also regularly check the about-to-expire items. I plan my meals around these bargains and often batch-cook so I can have meals readily available in the freezer.


I make a bottle of body wash last longer by saving slivers of bar soap. When I have several bits, I add a little water and microwave them until they turn to liquid. Then, I pour this into a clean jar. When my container of body wash is about half gone, I add the homemade liquid soap. (You may have to add a little warm water or microwave it to thin it.) Replace the cover and shake gently. It sure saves money, and those soap scraps finally have a purpose!


What’s a way you try to generate less trash? On page 22, you’ll find helpful ideas for upcycling items destined for the landfill. What’s your strategy? Visit us at country womanmagaz­ to share your tips.

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