An­i­mal Tales

My fam­ily wasn’t ready for another pet, but af­ter Snowy was lost, we couldn’t imag­ine life with­out her.


When I was about 9 years old, a beau­ti­ful white cat showed up at our church.

The pas­tor’s wife left food out for the stray and named her Snow White. The cat had such a sweet tem­per­a­ment, and it soon be­came ob­vi­ous she was preg­nant.

Not long af­ter be­com­ing an in­side cat at the par­son­age, she gave birth. Snowy, as we called her, and her ba­bies then moved to our house to live with my fam­ily.

As much as my sis­ters and I loved her, we al­ready had sev­eral pets and would have to put the cats up for adop­tion.

It was quite a drive to the shel­ter. We got the kit­tens out of the car. But be­cause Snowy was con­sid­ered feral, my par­ents were un­sure if the shel­ter would take her. As they dis­cussed the sit­u­a­tion with the staff, Snowy bolted from Mom’s arms and ran away.

My fam­ily kept in con­tact with the shel­ter, since Mom and Dad were de­ter­mined to keep her if she was found. Shel­ter work­ers said they saw her some­times in the evenings, rais­ing our hopes. We hung posters and re­turned with her fa­vorite cat food to call her.

Af­ter three weeks, our op­ti­mism be­gan to fade. The cost of fre­quent trips to find Snowy was adding up. Mom and Dad de­cided that we would look one last time.

A cou­ple in the area said they’d seen Snowy be­hind a restau­rant. My sis­ters and I went to look for Snowy and brought some food. We called for her. Sadly, again noth­ing hap­pened.

As we were pulling away, we saw a cat on top of a stack of pipes be­hind a chain-link fence. Her white coat was streaked with dirt, and she’d lost so much weight that she looked like a kit­ten. We didn’t mind her bedrag­gled con­di­tion. We had found our cat!

Snowy ea­gerly rubbed up against us as we rode in the car. Our hearts, once hope­less, re­joiced.

I’m now in col­lege, and Snowy is still a much-beloved part of our house­hold. We’ll al­ways trea­sure our mir­a­cle cat. The ex­pe­ri­ence taught us that love al­ways finds a way home.

This beau­ti­ful stray cat sought refuge at our church.

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