Be a Chick­adee

Country - - OUT & ABOUT - CALEB SMITH Jasper, Ge­or­gia

The red-tailed hawk is the apex preda­tor in the skies of north Ge­or­gia. But just the other day, as I was sit­ting on my porch, I saw a small chick­adee at­tack one. Chick­adees are tiny, weigh­ing less than an ounce, and they lack the hawk’s talons or sharp beak. But here was this enor­mous hawk, beat­ing its wings as hard as it could, try­ing to es­cape the ag­gres­sive ball of fluff chas­ing af­ter it.

Surely the chick­adee knew it wouldn’t be able to leave a scratch on the hawk? Maybe the chick­adee knew but didn’t care. Per­haps what­ever the hawk threat­ened was so im­por­tant in the chick­adee’s mind that their ac­tual sizes didn’t mat­ter.

In this life, we face trou­bles that some­times seem so much big­ger than we are. Some peo­ple run when this hap­pens. Then some­times, peo­ple find what the chick­adee had; some­thing big­ger than their prob­lems. That tiny bird was pro­tect­ing its nest. And the courage the chick­adee showed not only saved its fam­ily, but its own life, too.

At the first sign of weak­ness, that hawk would have turned on the lit­tle bird. But with courage bold, the chick­adee stood firm and faced its prob­lems head on.

So when life rages, and it will, look to the ex­am­ple of the chick­adee. Be­cause the hawks of this world don’t care how big you are, they only care how big you act. Find that thing in your life that is big­ger than any­thing the world can throw at you, and hold onto it when hard times come. When hawks are at your door, be a chick­adee.

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