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The Pep­per Planter

When my younger brother, Gary, was 4 years old, he loved help­ing our dad in the veg­etable gar­den. I al­ways wanted to help Mother in the house. One day Mother and I were look­ing out the kitchen win­dow at Dad as he planted pep­pers. He had dug neat holes and was drop­ping a plant into each one. Gary fol­lowed Dad, picked up each plant and broke it in half be­fore drop­ping it back in the hole. Need­less to say, my mother ran out to tell Dad what his lit­tle helper was do­ing. Gary is 66 years old now and I am al­most 70. We still laugh about his gar­den­ing skills. BARBARA DANCY Liv­ingston, Ten­nessee

Tripped Up

I used to ask my grand­son Alex if he was my boy. He al­ways said yes. One day, while hold­ing him at a pa­rade, I tripped on a bar­ri­cade but man­aged to re­cover with­out in­jury. Alex said, “Grandma, you dropped my boy!” He is now 24 and fin­ish­ing his mas­ter’s de­gree, but he still is my boy. SHARON JONES Pal­metto, Florida

Egg Head

One day when I was 9 or 10, my older brother Bill saw me go into the hayloft and re­trieve eggs from a hen’s nest, which she had hid­den up un­der the eaves of our barn. He watched me place my hat full of eggs on my head so my hands would be free to ne­go­ti­ate the lad­der. When I reached the ground, Bill was gone. As I came through the door to take the eggs to Mom, Bill darted off with a foot­ball in his hand. “Hey,” he shouted as he lobbed the ball. I tried to catch it, but it hit me on the head. Well, you guessed it. I had a hat full of eggs stream­ing around my ears, and Bill had a good laugh.

Les­son learned: Never try to catch a foot­ball if your hat is full of eggs—no mat­ter what! JIM SODEN Eugene, Ore­gon

While I was brush­ing my grand­daugh­ter Laci’s hair one day, Grampa said, “Laci, you have a lot of hair.” She replied, “Grampa, you have a short­age of hair.” Con­nie Ro­bichaud Pitts­burg, New Hamp­shire

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