I’ll Take Mine Black…No Sugar


In the early 1930s watch man­u­fac­tur­ers took a clue from Henry Ford’s fa­vorite quote con­cern­ing his au­to­mo­biles, “You can have any color as long as it is black.” Black di­aled watches be­came the rage es­pe­cially with pilots and race driv­ers. Of course, since the black dial went well with a black tuxedo, the ad­ven­turer’s black dial watch eas­ily moved from the air­plane hangar to danc­ing at the night­club. Now, Stauer brings back the “Noire”, a de­sign based on an el­e­gant time­piece built in 1936. Black di­aled, com­plex au­to­mat­ics from the 1930s have re­cently hit new heights at auc­tion. One was sold for in ex­cess of $600,000. We thought that you might like to have an af­ford­able ver­sion that will be much more ac­cu­rate than the orig­i­nal. Ba­sic black with a twist. Not only are the dial, hands and face vin­tage, but we used a 27-jew­eled au­to­matic move­ment. This is the kind of en­gi­neer­ing de­sired by fine watch col­lec­tors world­wide. But since we de­sign this clas­sic move­ment on state of the art com­puter-con­trolled Swiss built ma­chines, the ac­cu­racy is ex­cel­lent. Three in­te­rior di­als dis­play day, month and date. We have priced the lux­u­ri­ous Stauer Noire at a price to keep you in the black… only 3 pay­ments of $33. So slip into the back of your black limou­sine, sa­vor some rich tast­ing black cof­fee and look at your wrist know­ing that you have some great times on your hands. An of­fer that will make you dig out your old tux. The move­ment of the Stauer Noire wrist watch car­ries an ex­tended two year war­ranty. But first en­joy this hand­some time­piece risk-free for 30 days for the ex­tra­or­di­nary price of only 3 pay­ments of $33. If you are not thrilled with the qual­ity and rare de­sign, sim­ply send it back for a full re­fund of the item price. But once you strap on the Noire you’ll want to stay in the black.

Ex­clu­sive Of­fer—Not Avail­able in Stores

27 jew­els and han­dassem­bled parts drive this clas­sic mas­ter­piece.

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