From the Editor

- Marija Andric, Deputy Editor

AFTER ENDURING ALL OF APRIL’S SHOWERS, it’s about time for some May flowers. At my house, spring has officially sprung when the tulips and peonies blossom and the rhubarb is ready for picking.

Flowers are everywhere in this issue. Tag along for a romp through tulip fields (page 12), check out flower festivals across the country (page 22), plan your next trip to a national park during wildflower season (page 32) and tour Michigan’s fruit country (page 40).

And, hopefully, you’ll find inspiratio­n to do something for pollinator­s on page 52. That’s where you’ll read about Doug and Ronda Bonsell, Montana ranchers who planted more than 3 acres of wildflower­s on their land to help birds, bees and other critters.

Their story resonated with me because a few springs ago, my husband and I tried to create a wildflower oasis in a corner of our property where a barn once stood. It felt good to watch butterflie­s flutter about in the wild patch. But this natural oasis wasn’t pretty, and about two years into the project, we gave up. Out of pure selfintere­st, I called Doug and Ronda and asked for advice. They told me what I already suspected: I had given up too soon and had been a little too ambitious. Pollinator­s are worth the work and the wait. Maybe we’ll try again this year.

In the meantime, the outdoors beckon. If you have amazing snapshots taken in national and state parks, enter them in the Your Parks Photo Contest. Turn to page 10 for details. Happy spring!

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