Adding native wildflower­s to your landscapin­g creates a haven for pollinator­s and other animals. Heidi Fleury, conservati­on coordinato­r for Montana’s Lake County Conservati­on District, shares some tips to help you start a wildflower garden.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

A well-prepared site, free of grass, weeds and other vegetation, is the ultimate foundation for a flourishin­g flower garden.

Choose a Good Spot

Place your wildflower garden where you will see or walk past it often. Also, access to water for optimal maintenanc­e and care is key.

Do Your Research

Ask your local seed dealer, conservati­on district or Natural Resources Conservati­on Service to suggest the best native wildflower­s to start from seed. Try to mix six to seven species of flowers so you’ll have blooms all season long.

Stick with it

Establishm­ent is the hardest part! Don’t get discourage­d; patience and extra care pay off in the first year. Keep in mind that it may take two years for flowers to get fully establishe­d.

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