Dreaming of Roads

- Marija Andric, Deputy Editor

JUDGING A PHOTO CONTEST is never easy. Our latest one, Great American Road Trip, was no exception. Through their entries, readers took me on journeys all across the country. At a time when I’m so tired of being cooped up because of COVID-19, it was a lovely escape. As I looked at images on my home computer, my 8-year-old son lingered beside me, entranced by what he saw—a miracle in the age of video games and content streaming. Starting on page 36, you can go along for the ride, too. Reader Roy Goldsberry won the grand and third prizes for photos of Starved Rock State Park in Illinois and Antelope Canyon in Arizona, which graces the cover of this issue. It was an unusual year for a road trip-themed contest, and a few names popped up several times in our final categories. Looking at gorgeous photos is one perk of this job. Another is adding to my growing bucket list of places to explore. Writer Amelia Mularz’s opening sentence on page 28 prompted me to add Channel Islands National Park to the list. Though as I write this California is under strict restrictio­ns due to COVID-19, the park remains open for the most part (it’s always a good idea to call ahead). Neverthele­ss, Amelia’s story had me hiking the trails with her in search of wildlife and ocean views. If short trips in a car are more your speed, check out Country’s new book series, Great American Road Trips. The first volume features scenic drives from across the country. Learn more about the book on page 16. Because Americans are more likely to take road trips in 2021, in our April/May issue we’ll introduce you to more ideas for your next journey, whether you’re at the wheel of an RV or navigating from your armchair. Until then, keep dreaming about taking it slow on a country road, savoring breathtaki­ng vistas along the way.

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