Geologist who uses a camera to show human impact on the earth.


MOON SHOTS I started taking photos in high school. Originally, I wanted to get a 35 mm SLR (film) camera so I could hook it up to my telescope and take pictures of the moon. Then my family got me a how-to photograph­y book so I’d learn how to use the all-manual camera. I got so interested in it that I forgot about my telescope. ALL BY CHANCE The pandemic’s travel restrictio­ns killed all my internatio­nal field research. We have springs here in Florida that are in environmen­tal decline. I was never interested in manatees but needed one photograph to show that springs are important manatee habitats. I jumped into a spring on the Suwannee River and watched eight or

10 manatees playing with ea h other. They came up to me and swam in circles, doing things I’d never seen manatees doing. TAKING ACTION The manatee population is undergoing a massive die-off because pollution has wiped out seagrass beds, an important manatee food source. After photograph­ing manatees at rehabilita­tion centers, I’m impressed by how resilient they are. I’ve seen severely injured manatees recover, push through traumatic experience­s and go on to live happy lives.

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