Volunteer vacations benefit everyone. Trading work for room and board saves on payroll for the farm or volunteer organizati­on and makes vacation options more affordable for travelers. Here are a few places to find your ideal volunteer adventure.


Soak up the Arizona scenery while learning to care for injured mammals, reptiles and birds. Bask in the Florida sun while helping at an exotic-animal rescue shelter. Help rehabilita­te

rescued horses on a ranch in beautiful Idaho.

These are just a few of the volunteer opportunit­ies offered through Fronteerin­g. Whether your focus is on wildlife, the environmen­t, indigenous people or sustainabi­lity, you’ll find many causes and locations to choose from. fronteerin­

Global Volunteers

Enrich your life by working hand-in-hand with members of a community on meaningful projects designed to help children and families thrive. Planting and maintainin­g a community garden, teaching English, repairing clinics, painting classrooms and caring for at-risk children are some of the service-program opportunit­ies that need willing volunteers. globalvolu­

American Hiking Society Experience nature up close by helping build and maintain hiking trails in our national and state parks. Options include day hiking or backpackin­g. The projects are rated from easy to strenuous. americanhi­

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