Camper Life


Traveling in an RV brought Laurie and her family right up to the wonders of Utah's national parks and taught her lessons about living on the road.

Adjust to Small Spaces

The frst night was claustroph­obic, wedged in the upper bed with my husband and son (below), the ceiling only 10 inches from my face. I had no way to move except to clamber over my “boys.” The next night I curled up on the short bed converted from the table. My lungs welcomed the abundance of air, and I slept soundly the rest of the week.

Enjoy the Journey

Asher and his grandpa both loved sitting at the table in the RV working on activity books or mapping out our trip. The scenery along the way was just as breathtaki­ng as the park destinatio­ns.

Make It Your ‘Home on the Road’

Several times we rolled up to an overlook in the middle of nowhere, in blistering heat, and hopped out of the RV with ice cream cones from our freezer. Driving a house has its perks.

Play Games

Count license plates and languages along the way, or tell jokes. Laughter is good for the family.

Stay Flexible

When we didn’t get a camping spot in Canyonland­s South, we arranged to stay the night in a church parking lot in Moab. Always have a backup plan. Start planning at, where you can find a list of campsites by destinatio­n.

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