Mountain Meltdown


ON A RETURN TRIP to Iowa from Breckenrid­ge, Colorado, my husband, Myron, said, “I want to show you Mount Evans. I remember going there as a child.” It was a beautiful, sunny 80-degree day. As we drove higher up the mountain, we noticed snow blowing across the roadway. Soon it was freezing on the road...and there were no guardrails!

At the top we parked and jumped out with our camera to get some photos. The wind and snow were blowing so hard, we watched as our car sat rocking back and forth. On the way down, I mentioned that no one would know where to look for us if we slid o the road. In an e ort to calm me, Myron asked, “Have you seen any mountain goats?” With eyes glued to the road, I answered, “No, and if God wants me to see any, he is going to have to put them in the middle of the road!”

We rounded another hairpin curve, and there stood three mountain goats right in the middle of the road! We laugh about this now, but my husband says he still has bruises from my grip on his leg.

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