Tickled Pink...


...and every other color under the sun! For many of us, it’s been a challengin­g few years, and some days it can be tough to look on the bright side. But springtime, with its warmer weather and brand-new blooms, always brings a smile. Sure, spring also signals cloudy skies. But to paraphrase the great Dolly Parton, if you want to see a rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. I’d like to think Dolly would enjoy this issue’s photo feature, which is brimming with rainbows and starts on page 50. You’ll find yet more color in Amber and Ryan Anderson’s ag diary (page 24). This Idaho couple has contribute­d to past issues of Farm & Ranch Living, and I’m so pleased the stars aligned to make their diary a reality. The Andersons live more o -grid than most—the stu of dreams, if you ask me—so it’s a real treat to get a more in-depth look at their ranch. As ever, there are plenty of fond memories to go around, this time courtesy of readers Anita Kozanecki Hartmann (page 18) and Mary Koeberl Rechenberg. On page 46, Mary writes of a meaningful lesson she learned from her farmer father and how, years later, she shared that lesson with her elementary school science students. Well, here’s to getting just the right amount of rain. My muck boots are ready—and for the chance to spot a rainbow, I’ll keep looking up.

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Ellie Piper Senior Editor

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