FAVORITE TRAITS There are many things that I admire about wolves, such as their strength and their social and cooperativ­e lifestyle. But their resemblanc­e to dogs is their most endearing characteri­stic to me (I’m a dog lover). Yet wolves project independen­ce. Close at hand, even captive ones are aloof and mysterious. If you hear them howl, it’s a singular treat.

PHOTO TIPS To get close-ups like these, you have to photograph wolves in captivity. Even so, stay far from the animals. Photograph them with a telephoto lens. This works to blur the background, emphasize the wolf in the frame and project a feeling of space and distance. Focus on the eyes, catch the wolves in action and lower your camera to the level of their heads. These animals have such expressive faces!

HOME RANGE Wolves are rare

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,21 ĩǑħĢĢǑ *,01 /, *&+$ 1%" dense forests of Minnesota and Wisconsin). The best chance of seeing them is in Yellowston­e National Park, which is home to

,21 ģĢĢ 4,)3"0ǐ ,2 4&)) +""! spotting scope and/or binoculars, and a good deal of patience. If you are really serious, you can hire a wolf-spotting guide.

Top: A lone wolf trots through the countrysid­e. Right: Mama wolf tends to her litter of pups.

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