Stuff We Love


• We couldn’t do without our SMALL COMPACT TRACTOR. We use it on the farms to mow pastures, move round bales of hay, clean manure and put in fence posts.

• We love our POLARIS RANGER, which makes it possible to get around the farms quickly. We can zip back and forth moving supplies and hauling manure, with a handy pitchfork, out of the smaller barns.

• Whether we’re shearing our llamas, weighing them or giving them treatments, we couldn’t do it without our LLAMA CHUTE, which keeps both the llamas and humans safe. Designed by a breeder, this multipurpo­se piece of equipment lets us remove bars and adjust ties and the neck stanchion.

• The CATTLE BLOWER is another useful tool for fiber animals. We use a high-velocity blower made for showing cattle to blow debris out of fiber, whether it’s still on the llamas or being prepared for processing.

• Our FIBER PROCESSING EQUIPMENT, including a carder and spinning wheel, has allowed us to add several unique finished products to our line. We can process batts and customize yarn to create something you won’t find in any other store.

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