“Tub accidents” cause serious injuries for seniors and people with limited mobility.

How to help avoid slips and falls while enjoying a bath.


The bathroom continues to be a major source of serious accidents. According to the CDC, all age groups are affected. However, seniors and people with limited mobility due to arthritis or muscle weakness are more vulnerable to broken hips, concussion­s, and other critical injuries caused by slips, loss of balance, or tripping.

One e ective solution: replace your old, dangerous tub.

With its high sides, awkwardly placed faucets, slick bottom, and hard surfaces, the standard bathtub can be a prime cause of bathroom injuries. Seeking a safer alternativ­e, many concerned families are replacing their old tub with a new Safe Step Walk-In Tub. Designed and built in Tennessee with a lifetime warranty, every Safe Step Walk-In Tub features the most advanced technology focused on safety and comfort: Easy entrance with the industry leading low step-in Anti-slip oor and seat Two built-in grab bars MicroSooth­e® Advanced Air Therapy System 10 Hydro Massage Jets and 16 Air Bubble GentleJets Ultra-wide door with no-strength locking handle Optional rainfall shower head Best-in-class installati­on and warranty included Designed to t in the same space as the existing tub, the Safe Step Walk-In Tub is not only safer, it’s also more soothing because 10 strategica­lly placed water jets and 16 air bubble jets surround sore muscles and joints to help offer therapeuti­c relief. You can even add exotic fragrances for aromathera­py bene ts. Now that’s relaxation!

Safe Step is North America’s #1 selling walk-in tub.

Join the thousands of people that have taken the step to make their bathroom safer, while enjoying life changing therapeuti­c bene ts. For more informatio­n, call today and receive a free shower package for a limited time only. Take your next step toward feeling great and stay in the home you love.

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