Kinda Clas­sic, a Mod­ern Sai­son

Well-hopped with low-al­pha hops and fer­mented with char­ac­ter­ful yeast, this sim­ple recipe per­fectly re­flects the brew­ing phi­los­o­phy at Suarez Fam­ily Brew­ery.

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Batch Size: 5 gal­lons (19 liters) Brew­house ef­fi­ciency: 72% OG: 1.038 FG: 1.004 IBUS: 30 ABV: 4.5%


7 lb (3.2 kg) Amer­i­can 2-row malt or Ger­man Pils malt (or a blend of the two)


4.4 oz (125 g) dex­trose at the be­gin­ning of the boil 9 oz (250 g) War­rior [17% AA] at 70 min­utes 1.72 oz (49 g) Haller­tauer Mit­tel­fruh [2.2% AA] at 25 min­utes 1.03 oz (29 g) Styr­ian Celeia [3% AA] at 25 min­utes 1.03 oz (29 g) Haller­tau Mit­tel­fruh [2.2% AA] at whirlpool 1.72 oz (49 g) Styr­ian Celeia [ 3% AA] at whirlpool


Your fa­vorite farm­house-ale/sai­son-type strain


Mash for 60–90 min­utes at 147°F (64°C). Boil for 90 min­utes, fol­low­ing the hops sched­ule. You can add the dex­trose as soon as the wort comes to a boil (be­cause it can take a while to dis­solve all of that sugar), but it can just as eas­ily be added at the end of the boil with the whirlpool hops.

Fer­ment at the high end of your yeast’s tem­per­a­ture tol­er­ance. Af­ter ter­mi­nal grav­ity is achieved, con­di­tion the beer for one month at cel­lar tem­per­a­ture. (Or shorter. Or longer. Or warmer. Or colder. Best to ex­per­i­ment with this pe­riod of mat­u­ra­tion). Bot­tle-con­di­tion to a car­bon­a­tion 3.2–3.7 vol­umes of CO2.


The recipe may seem ba­sic, but it is the per­fect foil for ex­per­i­men­ta­tion. Care to add more sim­ple sugar or no sim­ple sugar to the ket­tle? I would ab­so­lutely rec­om­mend ex­per­i­ment­ing with this pa­ram­e­ter. Care to con­duct a quick and warm mat­u­ra­tion af­ter pri­mary fer­men­ta­tion and bot­tle soon there­after? It would cer­tainly be fun/ed­u­ca­tional to tweak this vari­able. Bot­tle-con­di­tion with honey in­stead of dex­trose? Sure, why not? Brew­ing stan­dard recipes such as this one while fo­cus­ing on tweaks to brew­ing, fer­men­ta­tion, mat­u­ra­tion, or pack­ag­ing vari­ables is the best way to de­velop your skills as a brewer.

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