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What about maple syrup? It’s thick, sweet, and invit­ing, and when it’s warmed up by the heat of your pan­cakes, waf­fles, or fried chicken, there’s noth­ing quite like it. Maple syrup—the real Mccoy, not that thin, overly sug­ary, ar­ti­fi­cial fla­vor­ing–added stuff—is a de­light. Break­fast shouldn’t get all the fun, and brew­ers know that. How­ever, it’s a fickle in­gre­di­ent, and us­ing the right amount and adding it at the right time is key.

Sean Law­son, founder and brewer at Ver­mont’s Law­son’s Finest Liq­uids of­fers this ad­vice: “The eas­i­est way to add maple syrup to a home­brew is to sim­ply add the syrup at the end of the boil. Us­age varies greatly from a cup (237 ml) or two (473 ml) per 5-gal­lon (19 l) batch to as much as a half gal­lon (1.9 l). Use less for a beer that is lighter in color and/ or lower in al­co­hol; use more for a darker and/or higher-al­co­hol beer,” he says.

“Home­brew­ers who want to spend the ex­tra time and ef­fort to add ad­di­tional maple notes to their beer might con­sider an ad­di­tion into se­condary fer­men­ta­tion (be­fore the beer has fin­ished at­ten­u­at­ing). I’ve also suc­cess­fully used maple syrup for prim­ing beer in bot­tles, kegs, and cask. Use just a lit­tle bit less than corn sugar.”

For more about brew­ing with maple syrup and other sug­ars, see “Sugar Rush” in the Best in 2017 is­sue of Craft Beer & Brew­ing Mag­a­zine®.

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