Ir­re­sistibly Dar­ling Cardi­gan

This sassy cardi­gan with bright col­ors and an easy stitch pat­tern will rock her lit­tle world.

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Child's 6–12 (12–18) months In­struc­tions are given for smaller size, with larger size in paren­the­ses. When only 1 num­ber is given, it ap­plies to both sizes.

Fin­ished Mea­sure­ments

Chest: 20 (24) inches (but­toned) Length: 12 (13) inches


Slipped St (mul­ti­ple of 4 sts + 1) Note: Carry MC along edge; cut col­ors A–G at end of ev­ery 8th row. Rows 1 (RS) and 2: With MC, knit. Row 3: With A, sl 1 wyib, *k3, sl 1 wyib; rep from * across. Row 4: Sl 1 wyif, *k3, sl 1 wyif; rep from * across. Rows 5–8: Rep Rows 1–4. Rows 9–16: Rep Rows 1–8, us­ing B in­stead of A. Rows 17–24: Rep Rows 1–8, us­ing C in­stead of A. Rows 25–32: Rep Rows 1–8, us­ing D in­stead of A. Rows 33–40: Rep Rows 1–8, us­ing E in­stead of A. Rows 41–48: Rep Rows 1–8, us­ing F in­stead of A.


• Pre­mier Yarns Ever Soft (worsted weight; 100% acrylic; 158 yds/ 85g per skein): 2 skeins of­fwhite #0035 (MC); 1 skein each ocean #0015 (A), pow­der blue #0017 (B), Celtic #0024 (C), sun­flower #0002 (D), per­sim­mon #0004 (E), car­di­nal #0006 (F) and rosey #0012 (G)

• Size 7 (4.5mm) nee­dles or size needed to ob­tain gauge

• Stitch hold­ers

• 5 (5/8-inch) but­tons 17 sts and 34 rows = 4 inches/10cm in Slipped St pat. To save time, take time to check gauge.

Pat­tern Stitch

Rows 49–56: Rep Rows 1–8, us­ing G in­stead of A.

Rep Rows 1–56 for pat.


Pat­tern Notes

Slip all stitches purl­wise with yarn on wrong side of fab­ric.

Body is worked from the bot­tom up in one piece to the un­der­arms, then split into back and fronts. Sleeves are worked separately. Us­ing ca­ble cast-on (see page 124) and MC, cast on 81 (97) sts. Knit 7 rows. Be­gin Slipped St pat and work even un­til body mea­sures 7 (81/2) inches, end­ing with Row 4 or 8 of pat.

With MC, knit 1 row.

Di­vide for Front & Back Yokes

With MC, k17 (21) for front, bind off 5 (7); k37 (41) for back; bind off 5 (7), knit to end for front.

Cut yarn. Place sts for both fronts on hold­ers.


Work­ing on back sts only, join yarn and work even, main­tain­ing color se­quence, un­til arm­hole mea­sures ap­prox 4 (41/2) inches, end­ing with 2 rows MC. Place sts on holder.

Right Front

Place right front sts on nee­dle, join yarn and work as for back un­til front mea­sures ap­prox 2 inches less than back, end­ing with 2 color (A–G) rows. Cut yarn.

Shape Neck

Next row (RS): Place first 11 (13) sts on holder; join MC, k6 (8).

Work even on rem sts un­til front mea­sures same as back; end­ing with 2 rows of MC. Place sts on holder; cut yarn.

Left Front

Place left front sts on nee­dle; join yarn and work as for right front to neck shap­ing, end­ing with 2 color rows.

Shape Neck

Next row (RS): With MC, k6 (8), place rem 11 (13) sts on holder.

Com­plete as for right front.


With MC, cast on 29 (33) sts.

Knit 6 rows. Next row: Knit, inc 4 sts evenly— 33 (37) sts.

Beg Slipped St pat and work even un­til sleeve mea­sures 6½ (7½) inches, end­ing with Row 1.

Bind off kwise.


Join Shoul­ders

Us­ing MC and 3-nee­dle bind-off (see page 128), join front and back shoul­ders, leav­ing 25 sts on holder for back neck.


With RS fac­ing, beg at right front neck edge, place 11 (13) neck sts on nee­dle, then knit across these sts with MC; pick up and knit 4 (6) sts along right front neck edge; place 25 back neck sts on nee­dle and knit across; pick up and knit 4 (6) sts along left front neck edge, place 11 (13) front neck sts on nee­dle and knit across—55 (63) sts. Knit 4 rows. Bind off kwise.

Left Front Band

Beg at neck edge with RS fac­ing and MC, pick up and knit 38 (45) sts along left neck­band and front edge. Knit 7 rows. Bind off kwise.

Right Front Band

Beg at lower edge with RS fac­ing and MC, pick up and knit 38 (45) sts along left front and neck­band edge.

Knit 3 rows. But­ton­hole row (RS): K3, k2­tog, yo, [k5, k2­tog, yo] 4 (5) times, knit to end. Knit 3 rows. Bind off kwise. Sew but­tons op­po­site but­ton­holes. Sew sleeve into arm­hole, match­ing sleeve and arm­hole cor­ners. Sew sleeve seam to cuff.

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