Wo­ven Scrubby

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Fin­ished Mea­sure­ments

3 inches wide x 4 inches tall


• Quince & Co. Spar­row (fin­ger­ing weight; 100% or­ganic linen; 168 yds/50g per skein): 1 skein in color of choice • 4 x 4-inch pin loom (Zoom Loom) • 6-inch large-eye blunt-tipped nee­dle • Size 1 (2.25mm) dou­ble-point nee­dles (2) • Small-size cro­chet hook


Warp the Loom

On the Zoom Loom, there are 2 cor­ners that have 4 pins on 1 cor­ner. Ori­ent the loom so that one of these cor­ners is in the lower left and the other is in the up­per right. On some looms, the lower cor­ner will be marked with a No. 1. Wind the yarn on the loom with light ten­sion. First Layer Start at the bot­tom left cor­ner of the loom. Leav­ing a 2-inch tail, wind the yarn as in­di­cated in Fig­ure 1. Bring

Con­tinue wind­ing around the next 2 pins and down again be­tween first and 2nd pin of the bot­tom 3-pin group­ing. The yarn is wound around 2 pins each time. The yarn should be trav­el­ing in a straight line. If it looks like it is at an an­gle, it is in the wrong place. Con­tinue wind­ing in this man­ner un­til you have reached the right side. The last row of warp is right next to the long row of pins on the right.

A sim­ple pulled-thread tech­nique trans­forms flat wo­ven squares into a 3-D scrubby. Stack them to­gether and add an I-cord hanger to make the per­fect take-a-break-from-your­wor­ries-and-cares ac­ces­sory.

yarn straight up in­side first row of pins, around the 2 pins on top and straight down in the cen­ter of 4 pins, en­cas­ing the last 2 pins of that group. Then bring the yarn straight up be­tween first and 2nd pin of first 3-pin group­ing.

2nd Layer Turn the loom 90 de­grees to right, en­case the first 2 bot­tom pins. Re­peat wind­ing pat­tern as in the first layer (Fig­ure 2), wind­ing yarn be­tween first and 2nd pin in each 3-pin group­ing.

3rd Layer Bring the yarn around up­per right cor­ner be­tween first and 2nd pin and then around mid­dle 2 pins in the 4-pin group­ing at the bot­tom (Fig­ure 3). In this layer, you will wind yarn around first and 2nd pins of each 3-pin group­ing un­til you have fin­ished wind­ing the 3rd layer. Note: For a step-by-step tu­to­rial on warp­ing the pin loom used in this

project, visit www.schacht­spin­dle.com/ in­struc­tions/weav­ing/zoom­loom.pdf.

Weave Squares

Make 8 Mea­sure the amount of yarn you need to weave the 4th layer by wind­ing yarn around the out­side of the pins 5 times (Fig­ure 4). Cut.

Us­ing the 6-inch nee­dle and start­ing at lower right-hand cor­ner and work­ing right to left and then left to right, pass the nee­dle over the first edge loop that was formed as the 2nd layer was wound

There are now 4 loops on top. Re­peat for all lay­ers, pulling the bot­tom loops through all the lay­ers on top of it and ex­it­ing the first layer. You will have a to­tal of 16 loops. around the pins and then nee­dle-weave the lay­ers to­gether by pass­ing the nee­dle un­der and over the ver­ti­cal warp ends (Fig­ure 5).

Each pass with the nee­dle starts out with the nee­dle go­ing down in the loop and then un­der and over un­til the nee­dle ex­its in the big­ger open space. Use a tapestry nee­dle to weave in the be­gin­ning and end­ing tails be­fore re­mov­ing the fab­ric from the loom.


Cast on 5 sts.*K5, do not turn, slide sts to the other end of nee­dle. Bring work­ing yarn tightly be­hind sts; rep from * un­til I-cord mea­sures 12 inches. Bind off leav­ing a 10-inch tail.


Find the point where the yarn crosses in the cen­ter of each square. These are the yarns you will pull up to gather the scrubby. Use the cro­chet hook to catch the yarns in the cen­ter.

Pull up on the yarn slowly to form 2 loops. The square will pull in from all 4 sides. Make sure that the loops are even with one an­other. Tie them to­gether in a square knot. Re­peat for all the squares.

Place 1 gath­ered square on top of an­other gath­ered square. Pass a cro­chet hook though cen­ter of the top layer. Hook 2 loops of the bot­tom layer and pull it though cen­ter of the top layer.

Di­vide the loops into 2 groups and tie in a tight square knot to se­cure the lay­ers. Thread I-cord through loops. Us­ing tail of the bind-off, sew the ends of the I-cord to­gether. Ad­just the I-cord so that the join is un­der the loops. Tie an over­hand knot in the I-cord and push the knot firmly down to the top of the squares.

Con­stance Hall is a weaver, spin­ner, knit­ter, fel­ter and dyer. She is an ac­tive fiber teacher and mod­er­ates the Zoom Loom group on Rav­elry. Visit www.dye­ol­ogy.com to learn more about her work.

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