Mat­tress Stitch

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Hold the two pieces par­al­lel with the right sides of the fab­ric fac­ing you and cast-on edge at the bot­tom. In­sert the ta­pes­try nee­dle from back to front between the first two stitches of the first piece, just above the cast-on stitch; pull the yarn through, leav­ing a 3-inch tail. In­sert the nee­dle from front to back between the first stitch and sec­ond stitches of the sec­ond piece and pull the yarn through. Re­turn to the first piece and in­sert the nee­dle from the right side to wrong side where the yarn pre­vi­ously came out of the piece. Slip the nee­dle up­ward un­der the next hor­i­zon­tal bar and bring the nee­dle through to the right side. Cross to the other side and re­peat the same process, go­ing down where you came out, un­der one bar and up. Con­tinue un­til seam is com­plete, pulling seam closed ev­ery inch or so. Weave in the tail. Use the be­gin­ning tail to even-up the lower edge by work­ing a fig­ure 8 between the cast-on stitches at the cor­ners. In­sert the threaded ta­pes­try nee­dle from front to back un­der both threads of the cor­ner cast-on stitch on the edge op­po­site the tail, then into the same stitch on the first edge. Pull gen­tly un­til the “8” fills the gap.

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