Chro­matic Earflap Cap

Color, tex­ture and bold de­sign are all in­cluded in this hat, which is both fun to make and fun to give and wear.

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18 sts and 24 rnds = 4 inches/10cm in St st with larger nee­dle. To save time, take time to check gauge.

Pat­tern Note

If us­ing dou­ble-point nee­dles for the en­tire hat, you will need a set of 5 smaller dou­ble-point nee­dles.


Make 2 With smaller dpns and A, cast on 8 sts. Rows 1 and 2: Knit. Row 3: K1, kfb, knit to last 3 sts, kfb, k2—10 sts. Rows 4–6: Knit.

Rep [Rows 3–6] 5 (6, 7) times—20 (22, 24) sts.

Work even in garter st un­til piece mea­sures 3 (31/4, 31/2) inches.

Cut yarn and set aside on spare dpn.


Cast on 3 sep­a­rate sets of sts as fol­lows:

With smaller cir­cu­lar nee­dle and A, cast on 7 (8, 9) sts, cut yarn; leav­ing the first set of sts in place, cast on 26 (30, 34) sts, cut yarn; cast on 7 (8, 9) sts, do not cut yarn, turn. Set-up rnd: K7 (8, 9), knit across first earflap, k26 (30, 34), knit across 2nd earflap, k7 (8, 9); mark beg of rnd and join, be­ing care­ful not to twist sts— 80 (90, 100) sts. Purl 1 rnd. Con­tin­u­ing in garter st (knit 1 rnd, purl 1 rnd), *work 2 more rnds with A, 2 rnds with B, 2 rnds with C; rep from * once more. Change to larger nee­dle. **With A, knit 3 (4, 5) rnds. With D, knit 1 rnd and purl 1 rnd. With A, knit 2 rnds. With B, knit 2 rnds. Next rnd: With C, *k1, sl 1; rep from * around. Next rnd: With C, *p1, sl 1; rep from * around. With A, knit 2 rnds. With D, knit 1 rnd, purl 1 rnd. Rep from ** once. With A, work even in St st (knit all rnds) un­til piece mea­sures 5 (53/4, 61/2) inches from cast-on edge (not count­ing earflaps) and on last rnd, dec 0 (2, 4) sts evenly around—80 (88, 96) sts. Crown Note: Change to dpns when sts no longer fit com­fort­ably on cir­cu­lar nee­dle. Set-up rnd: *K8 (9, 10), k2­tog, pm; rep from * around—72 (80, 88) sts.

Knit 1 rnd. Dec rnd: *Knit to 2 sts be­fore marker, k2­tog; rep from * around—64 (72, 80) sts.

Con­tinue in St st and rep Dec rnd [ev­ery other rnd] 7 (8, 9) times, re­mov­ing mark­ers on last rnd—8 sts.

Cut yarn, leav­ing a tail at least 10 inches long. Thread tail through rem sts and pull tight to close hole in top of hat. Weave in tail on WS.


Weave in all other ends. Block.


With RS fac­ing, smaller nee­dle and D, and beg at cen­ter back, pick up and knit ap­prox 104 (118, 132) sts around the hat bot­tom and earflap edges, pick­ing up 1 st in each cast-on st and 3 sts for ev­ery 4 rows along sides of earflaps; do not join, turn. Knit 1 row, turn. Loosely bind off all sts. Cut yarn; use tail to sew seam be­tween first and last edge sts.

Top Braids

Cut 2 24-inch strands each B, C and D.

Thread yarn nee­dle with 3 strands (1 each color); pass from one side to the other of the top hole with half the length on ei­ther side of the hole. Rep with the other 3 strands, po­si­tion­ing them at a 90-de­gree an­gle to the first set. Tie all strands into an over­hand knot se­cured close to the hat.

Us­ing all 3 col­ors for each braid, make 2 braids 6 inches long or de­sired length. Tie an over­hand knot at the end of each braid to se­cure; trim yarn even.

Earflap Braids

Cut 2 30-inch strands each B, C and D.

Use cro­chet hook to pull all 6 strands from RS to WS at cen­ter bot­tom of earflap, then pull strands to RS again. Leav­ing a slack loop on the WS of the flap, pull un­til all 12 ends are even. Reach through the loop with thumb and fore­fin­ger, and pull all of the ends through the loop (like mak­ing fringe on the bot­tom of a scarf). Pull to snug the loop on the earflap bot­tom edge.

Us­ing all 12 strands, make a braid 8 inches long or de­sired length. Tie an over­hand knot at the end of the braid to se­cure; trim yarn even.

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