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Go-To Edg­ing

(any num­ber of sts)

This edg­ing is ex­tremely ver­sa­tile. It’s easy and works with any num­ber of stitches. It adds a lit­tle cord/twist look to a project with­out adding bulk. For a border that con­trasts with the main fab­ric, make Round 1 in the project color and Round 2 in a con­trast­ing color for a dra­matic out­line. It’s my go-to edg­ing when I don’t know what else to do or if I want to keep the edg­ing min­i­mal. A project that is very busy in col­or­work or stitch­work might bal­ance well with an edg­ing that is min­i­mal. Note: Make the first row the same color as project so that the vis­ual tran­si­tion blends more smoothly. Rnd 1 (foun­da­tion rnd): Sc in each st or evenly spaced in ends of rows along edge so fab­ric lies flat. If you reach a cor­ner or point, con­sider plac­ing 3 sc in 1 space. At end of rnd, join with sl st in first sc (Photo A). Rnd 2: *Sl st in next st, ch 1; rep from * around; join with sl st in first sl st (Photo B). Fin­ish off. Note: No spe­cial stitches are needed for cor­ners.


(mul­ti­ple of 4 sts + 1)

A flat pat­tern might ben­e­fit from the added piz­zazz and “wow” fac­tor of a more in­tri­cate edg­ing such as Arches. Note: If de­sired, a foun­da­tion round, such as the one used on the Go-To Edg­ing, could be worked be­fore work­ing Round 1 of Arches. Rnd 1: *Sc in next st, ch 3, skip 1 st, dc in next st, ch 3, skip 1 st; rep from * across to last st, skip next st, join with sl st in first sc (Photo C). Rnd 2: Ch 1, sc in same sc as join­ing, ch 3, dc in next dc, ch 3 *sc in next sc, ch 3, dc in next dc, ch 3; rep from * around; join with sl st in first sc (Photo D). Fin­ish off.

Col­umns & Arches

(mul­ti­ple of 4 sts) Rnd 1: Sc in each st or evenly space sc so that the fab­ric lies flat (Photo E). Join with sl st in first sc. The to­tal num­ber of sc should be a mul­ti­ple of 4 sts. Rnd 3: Ch 1, sc in same ch as join­ing, ch 5, skip next dc, *sc in next dc, ch 5, skip next dc; rep from * around; join with sl st in first sc (Photo G). Note: Round 4 looks best when it is the same color as Round 3. Rnd 4: Work 7 sc in each ch-5 space around; join with sl st in first sc (Photo H). Fin­ish off.

See the Mini Scarflette on page 89 for an ad­di­tional edg­ing! Ellen Gorm­ley is the ed­i­tor of Cro­chet! mag­a­zine and a reg­u­lar cast mem­ber of the TV pro­gram Knit and Cro­chet Now! Show ex­am­ples of how you in­te­grate knit and cro­chet by post­ing pho­tos on the Cro­chet! mag­a­zine Face­book page or by com­ment­ing on Ellen’s blog Be­hind the Hook at Cro­chetMagazi­ne.com/blog.

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