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Leno is a weav­ing tech­nique used to cre­ate a lacy yet sta­ble fab­ric. Ver­ti­cal warp threads are twisted around each other be­fore the hor­i­zon­tal weft is in­tro­duced. Imag­ine mar­ry­ing knit ca­bles and lace, and you get an idea of what wo­ven leno fab­ric looks like!

One way we knit­ters can copy the look of leno is by cross­ing elon­gated stitches and us­ing a ta­pes­try nee­dle, fingers or a cro­chet hook to weave em­bel­lish­ing el­e­ments (the “weft threads”) through the knit stitches that cre­ate the “warp.” In this tu­to­rial we’ll look at ways to mimic leno weav­ing tech­niques us­ing elon­gated knit stitches that are ei­ther twice- or thrice-wrapped.

From bot­tom to top: dou­bled yarn wo­ven in two-stitch (1/1) leno with stitches twisted right over left; left over right; and in a pat­tern al­ter­nat­ing the two across a row.

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