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Rib­bing can be both func­tional and dec­o­ra­tive. Ribs give your edges strength and elas­tic­ity be­cause they usu­ally have a denser stitch gauge than the main fab­ric; they keep the edges from flar­ing out and help the piece hold its shape by bounc­ing back af­ter be­ing stretched.

There are many types of ribs. All rib­bing is based on re­peated knit and purl com­bi­na­tions. The most pop­u­lar ribs are k1, p1 rib or k2, p2 rib, as shown in Pho­tos 9 and 10. These ribs (also re­ferred to as 1x1 rib or 2x2 rib) are very elas­tic and eas­ily bounce back to shape af­ter be­ing stretched. They make per­fect neck edges.

Ribs do not have to have the same num­ber of knit and purl stitches. Some pieces look best with k2, p1 ribs or k1, p3 ribs.

The com­bi­na­tions are end­less!

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