Mod­ern Gar­den Tank,

Em­broi­dered flo­ral mo­tifs in a mod­ern color pal­ette take cen­ter stage in this stylish sum­mer sta­ple.



Woman’s small (medium, large, X-large) In­struc­tions are given for small­est size, with larger sizes in paren­the­ses. When only 1 num­ber is given, it ap­plies to all sizes.

Fin­ished Mea­sure­ments

Chest: 37 (411/2, 451/2, 493/4) inches Length: 231/4 (241/4, 241/2, 25) inches


• Ply­mouth Yarn Cleo (DK weight; 100% mer­cer­ized cot­ton; 125 yds/50g per hank): 6 (7,8, 9) hanks white #0100 (A); 1 hank each drift­wood #0115 (B) and so­lar #0110 (C) (for em­broi­dery) • Size 6 (4mm) 36-inch cir­cu­lar nee­dle or size needed to ob­tain gauge • Spare nee­dle for 3-nee­dle bind-off • Stitch mark­ers in 3 col­ors


19 sts and 30 rnds/rows = 4 inches/ 10cm in St st, blocked. 20 sts and 33 rnds/rows = 4 inches/ 10cm in garter st, blocked. To save time, take time to check gauge.

Pat­tern Notes

Tank is worked in the round from the hem to the arm­holes, at which point the back and front are sep­a­rated and worked flat.

Use dif­fer­ent-color stitch mark­ers to mark side seams, cen­ter stitches and garter stitch sec­tions.

Lower front fea­tures a cen­ter col­umn of garter stitch fab­ric that is flanked by stock­inette sec­tions.

A garter stitch tri­an­gle is be­gun in cen­ter of lower back and ex­pands un­til it joins the front garter stitch col­umn; when this tri­an­gle reaches the front, be­gin the round with garter stitch in­stead of stock­inette stitch.

Front and back yokes in­clude wide nested “V’s” formed by garter and stock­inette stitch (see pho­tos).

Stock­inette stitch sec­tions are em­broi­dered af­ter the gar­ment is com­plete. Work em­broi­dery stitches loosely to avoid dis­tort­ing the knit­ted fab­ric.

Work side-seam de­creases as fol­lows: [K1, ssk] af­ter side-seam mark­ers and [k2­tog, k1] be­fore side-seam mark­ers.

Work arm­hole de­creases as fol­lows: Right-side rows: [k3, ssk] at be­gin­ning of row and [k2­tog, k3] at end; wrong-side rows: [k3, ssk] at be­gin­ning of row and [k2­tog, k3] at end.

Work neck de­creases as fol­lows: [K1, k2­tog] at be­gin­ning of row and [ssk, knit 1] at end.


Body With A, cast on 100 (110, 120, 130) front sts, pm for side seam, cast on 100 (110, 120, 130) back sts, pm for side seam/ beg of rnd and join, be­ing care­ful not to twists sts—200 (220, 240, 260) sts.

Work 6 rnds in garter st (purl 1 rnd; knit 1 rnd). Lower Body Pat­tern­ing Note: Read en­tire sec­tion be­cause pat­tern­ing in­struc­tions and shap­ing in­struc­tions are worked si­mul­ta­ne­ously. Set-up rnd: Front: K38 (41, 44, 49), pm for beg of garter st col­umn, p12 (14, 16, 16), pm (cen­ter marker), p12 (14, 16, 16), pm for end of garter st col­umn, knit to side-seam marker; back: k49 (54, 57, 62), p1 (1,3, 3), pm for cen­ter back, p1 (1,3, 3), knit to end of rnd. Note: The purl sts on ei­ther side of the cen­ter back marker are the beg of the garter st tri­an­gle that will ex­pand on both sides around to the front. Next rnd: Knit. Pat rnd: Knit to first front marker; p24 (28, 32, 32) for garter st col­umn; knit to 2 sts be­fore first purl/garter st; purl to 2 sts past last purl/garter st; knit to end of rnd. Next rnd: Knit.

Rep last 2 rnds un­til all back sts are worked in garter st, then con­tinue ex­pand­ing garter st tri­an­gle on front un­til it merges with front garter st col­umn. Note: When garter st tri­an­gle shifts to front, purl at beg of Pat rnd as nec­es­sary to con­tinue ex­pand­ing tri­an­gle. When garter st tri­an­gle and front col­umn merge, re­move first and 3rd front mark­ers.

Work 8 (6,4, 2) rnds in garter st, end­ing with a knit rnd.

At the same time, dec 1 st on each side of side-seam mark­ers start­ing on 8th rnd (the knit rnd be­fore Pat rnd) then [every 18 rnds] 5 times—176 (196, 216, 236) sts. Up­per Body Pat­tern­ing Con­tin­u­ing decs at side-seam mark­ers as nec­es­sary, cre­ate cen­ter St st tri­an­gle on front and back as fol­lows: Rnd 1: Purl to 1 (1,2, 2) st(s) be­fore cen­ter front marker, k2 (2,4, 4), purl to 1 (1,2, 2) st(s) be­fore cen­ter back marker, k2 (2,4, 4), purl to end. Rnd 2: Knit. Rnd 3: [Purl to 2 sts be­fore first knit st, knit to 2 sts past the last knit st, purl to side seam marker] twice.

Con­tin­u­ing to ex­pand cen­ter St st tri­an­gles by 2 sts each side, rep Rnds 2 and 3 un­til piece mea­sures 16 (161/2, 161/2, 163/4) inches at cen­ter front, end­ing 5 (5,6, 6) sts be­fore end of a Rnd 3. Divi­sion rnd: Re­mov­ing side-seam mark­ers as you come to them, bind off 10 (10, 12, 12) un­der­arm sts, knit to 5 (5, 6, 6) sts be­fore side marker, bind off 10 (10, 12, 12) sts, knit to end—78 (88, 96, 106) sts each front and back.

Trans­fer front sts to holder or waste yarn. Back Note: Read en­tire sec­tion be­cause pat­tern­ing in­struc­tions and shap­ing in­struc­tions are worked si­mul­ta­ne­ously. Shape Arm­holes Note: Con­tinue in es­tab­lished garter st and ex­pand­ing St st tri­an­gle pat by knit­ting all RS rows and purl­ing 2 more sts be­fore/af­ter tri­an­gles on WS rows.

Bind off 2 (2,2, 3) sts at the beg of next 6 (8,8, 8) rows—66 (72, 80, 82) sts.

Dec 1 at arm­hole edges [every row] 2 (3,3, 3) times, then [every RS row] 2 (3,4, 3) times—58 (60, 66, 70) sts. Yoke Pat­tern­ing At the same time, when arm­holes mea­sure 11/2 (13/4, 2, 13/4) inches, end­ing with a RS row, work pat as fol­lows: Row 1 (WS): K4, purl to 1 (1,2, 2) st(s) be­fore cen­ter marker, k2 (2,4, 4), purl to last 4 sts, k4. Row 2: Knit. Row 3: K4, purl to 3 (3,4, 4) sts be­fore cen­ter marker, k6 (6,8, 8), purl to last 4 sts, k4.

Con­tinue to knit all RS rows and to ex­pand the cen­ter garter st “V” by 2 sts each side on all WS rows un­til no purl sts rem, then work re­main­der of gar­ment in garter st.

Shape Neck At the same time, work even at arm­hole edges un­til arm­holes mea­sure 41/4 (43/4, 41/2, 43/4) inches, end­ing with a WS row, then shape neck as fol­lows: Divi­sion row (RS): K18 (19, 21, 23), join 2nd ball of yarn and bind off 22 (22, 24, 24) sts, knit to end.

Work­ing both sides at once with sep­a­rate balls of yarn, dec 1 st at each neck edge [every RS row] 4 (4,5, 6) times—14 (15, 16, 17) sts each shoul­der.

Work even un­til arm­holes mea­sure 71/4 (73/4, 8, 81/4) inches, end­ing with a WS row.

Trans­fer shoul­der sts to holder. Front With WS fac­ing, re­join yarn at arm­hole edge.

Shape arm­holes and work yoke pat­tern­ing same as for back un­til arm­holes mea­sure 31/4 (33/4, 31/2, 33/4) inches, end­ing with a WS row. Shape front neck same as for back. Work even un­til arm­holes mea­sure same as for back, end­ing with a WS row. Fin­ish­ing Join shoul­ders us­ing 3-nee­dle bind-off (see page 111). Weave in ends. Block to fin­ished mea­sure­ments. Em­broi­dery Us­ing di­a­gram and the tu­to­rial, Sim­ply Em­broi­dered, on page 39 as guides, em­broi­der leaves and berries de­sign in the St st sec­tions of tank as fol­lows: With straight st and B, em­broi­der leaves. With stem st and B, em­broi­der stems. With satin st and C, em­broi­der berries.

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