How to Add a Ca­ble Panel

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Step 1: Mea­sure your gauge over stock­inette stitch. Step 2: Mea­sure your gauge over the ca­ble panel to find the to­tal width of the ca­ble panel. Step 3: Cal­cu­late the num­ber of stock­inette stitches that will re­sult in the same width as the ca­ble panel. Step 4: From the to­tal stitch count for the gar­ment piece, sub­tract the num­ber of stitches that would equal the width of the ca­ble panel if they were worked in stock­inette; then add back in the num­ber of stitches used in the ca­ble panel. Ex­am­ple: a) Stock­inette stitch gauge: 24 sts =

4 inches, or 6 sts per inch. b) 46-st Ca­ble panel = 71/4 inches. c) 71/4 inches worked in stock­inette stitch: 6 sts per inch (in our ex­am­ple) x 71/4 = 431/2. d) Sub­tract 431/2 from the to­tal orig­i­nal stitch count, then add 46 to give new over­all stitch count.

Of course in this ex­am­ple you will also need to round up or down to the near­est whole num­ber.

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