Om Ah Hum Pil­low

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Knit quickly in one piece, this pil­low fea­tures great tex­ture, soft­ness and com­fort. It also makes the per­fect seat to get in some oms just when you need them!


8 sts and 10 rows = 4 inches/10cm in St st (blocked). To save time, take time to check gauge.

Spe­cial Ab­bre­vi­a­tions

Slip marker (sm): Slip marker from left to right nee­dle. Wrap and Turn (W&T): Slip next st pwise to RH nee­dle. Bring yarn to RS of work be­tween nee­dles, then slip same st back to LH nee­dle. Bring yarn to WS, wrap­ping st. Turn, leav­ing rem sts un­worked, then beg work­ing back in the other di­rec­tion. To hide wraps on sub­se­quent rows: Work to wrapped st. With RH nee­dle, pick up wrap and work wrap tog with wrapped st.

Pat­tern Notes

The pil­low is worked flat in 1 piece, be­gin­ning with a pro­vi­sional cast-on, and us­ing short rows (see page 96) to shape pin­wheel wedges. The wedges al­ter­nate be­tween be­gin­ning on a right-side and a wrong-side row. The 2 ends are grafted to­gether af­ter in­sert­ing the pil­low.

Pil­low cover fits round pil­low form with neg­a­tive ease.


Us­ing pro­vi­sional cast-on (see page 95), cast on 30 sts. Pm ev­ery 10 sts. Pin­wheel Wedge Knit 1 row. Short-row set 1: Purl to 2nd marker, sm, p8, W&T; knit to 2nd marker, sm, k8, W&T. Short-row set 2: Purl to 2nd marker, sm, purl to 1 st be­fore pre­vi­ously wrapped st, W&T; knit to 2nd marker, sm, knit to 1 st be­fore pre­vi­ously wrapped st, W&T.

Rep Short-row set 2 un­til there are 10 un­wrapped sts be­tween mark­ers in cen­ter of work, end­ing with a knit row. Next row: Purl across all sts, hid­ing wraps as you come to them.

Knit 1 row, hid­ing rem wraps as you come to them. Work Pin­wheel Wedge 5 more times. Cut yarn, leav­ing a 60-inch tail.


In­sert pil­low form into pil­low cover.

Care­fully un­pick pro­vi­sional cast-on, plac­ing live sts on 2nd nee­dle.

Graft ends tog us­ing Kitch­ener st (see page 95).

Thread yarn through sts 1 st in from point of each wedge of pin­wheel and pull to close, cre­at­ing a small nub; rep on other side.

Weave in ends.

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