Felted Rose Bags

Rose blos­soms bor­der the edge of this roomy bag that will go ev­ery­where you go!

Creative Knitting - - CONTENTS - De­sign by SUE MOR­GAN for South West Trad­ing Co.

De­sign by Sue Mor­gan for South West Trad­ing Co.


15 sts and 20 rows = 4 inches/10cm in St st with larger nee­dles and 1 strand of yarn (be­fore felt­ing). To save time, take time to

check gauge.


Base Us­ing larger cir­cu­lar nee­dle and 2 strands of yarn, cast on 40 sts, work 40 rows garter st. Body Note: Con­tinue rest of bag us­ing

1 strand only. Foun­da­tion row: Pm for beg of rnd (as this marker in­di­cates beg of rnd, it is ad­vis­able to use a spe­cial color), k40, pm, pick up and knit 20 sts along side of base, pm, pick up and knit 40 sts across cast-on edge of base, pm, pick up and knit 20 sts along rem side of base—120 sts. Work 68 rnds in St st, then work 6 rnds in garter st (knit 1 rnd, purl 1 rnd). Bind off kwise, mark­ing cor­ners of bag. Han­dles Make 2 Op­tion 1 Us­ing smaller dpns, work a 5-st I-Cord for ap­prox 23 inches. Cast on 5 sts, *slide sts to other end of dpn, pull yarn across back, k5; rep from * for de­sired length. Bind off kwise. Op­tion 2 Us­ing smaller nee­dles, cast on 5 sts. Work in St st for ap­prox 23 inches. Let sts curl around to form a tube and se­cure at reg­u­lar in­ter­vals. Tabs Make 14 Us­ing larger nee­dles, cast on 5 sts. Work in St st for 10 rows. Bind off kwise. Roses Make 10 Us­ing larger nee­dles, cast on 72 sts. Rows 1 and 2: Knit. Row 3: K2­tog across—36 sts. Row 4: Knit. Row 5: K2­tog across—18 sts. Row 6: Knit. Cut yarn, thread through sts and tighten. Wind rose around it­self to form flower shape, us­ing ends to se­cure.


Tabs Find cen­ter point of bag top, fold 1 tab in half and at­tach se­curely. Rep for op­po­site side. Space rem tabs evenly around top of bag, us­ing cor­ner mark­ers and photo as a guide, at­tach se­curely. Re­mem­ber that each han­dle will be threaded through 7 tabs so tabs need to be placed evenly so bag hangs cor­rectly. At­tach roses evenly around bag

as de­sired. Thread han­dle through 7 tabs and at­tach cast-on and bound-off edges tog. Rep for 2nd han­dle. Felt­ing Now for the fun bit! Don’t worry about the size of your bag; it is about to shrink—big time! Place fin­ished bag in wash­ing ma­chine with a small amount of de­ter­gent and a pair of jeans (im­por­tant for ag­i­ta­tion) and run a hot wash/cold rinse. You may pre­fer a more felted look or a slightly smaller bag. If you do, then just re­peat the wash process! Bags pic­tured were washed twice. Ad­just bag and flow­ers to shape and leave to dry thor­oughly, away from a di­rect heat source.

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