They’ll think you spent hours chang­ing col­ors—only you will know this won­der­ful yarn did a lot of the work.

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Fin­ished Mea­sure­ments

Ap­prox 45 x 55 inches


• Worsted weight (95% wool/ 5% silk; 99 yds/50g per ball): 24 balls var­ie­gated • Size 8 (5mm) nee­dles or size needed

to ob­tain gauge • Size 9 (5.5mm) nee­dles • Size G/6 (4mm) cro­chet hook (op­tional) • Stitch marker


14 sts = 4 inches/10cm in pat with

smaller nee­dles. To save time, take time to check gauge.

Spe­cial Ab­bre­vi­a­tion

Cen­tral Dou­ble De­crease (CDD): Slip next 2 sts as if to k2­tog, k1, p2sso.

Pat­tern Notes

The fig­ures show squares in 2 col­ors for ease of de­scrip­tion. Only 1 yarn is used in the afghan. Fig­ure 4 shows only 9 rows; there are a to­tal of 21 rows of squares in the afghan.

Ba­sic Mitered Square

With larger nee­dle, very loosely cast on

29 sts. Change to smaller nee­dles. Row 1 (WS): Knit. Row 2 (RS): K13, CDD, k13. Row 3: Purl. Row 4: K12, CDD, k12. Row 5: Knit to cen­ter st (k12), purl

cen­ter st, knit to end of row (k12). Row 6: K11, CDD, k11. Row 7: Purl. Row 8: K10, CDD, k10. Row 9: K10, purl cen­ter st, k10. Row 10: K9, CDD, k9. Row 11: Purl. Row 12: K8, CDD, k8. Row 13: K8, purl cen­ter st, k8. Row 14: K7, CDD, k7. Row 15: Purl. Row 16: K6, CDD, k6. Row 17: K6, purl cen­ter st, k6. Row 18: K5, CDD, k5. Row 19: Purl. Row 20: K4, CDD, k4. Row 21: K4, purl cen­ter st, k4. Row 22: K3, CDD, k3. Row 23: Purl. Row 24: K2, CDD, k2. Row 25: K2, purl cen­ter st, k2. Row 26: K1, CDD, k1. Row 27: Purl. Row 28: CDD. Pull yarn through rem st;

fas­ten off. Rep Rows 1–28 for each square.


First Row Work 9 ba­sic mitered squares; when 9 squares are com­pleted, lay 2 squares side by side (Fig­ure 1). These first-row squares are shown in blue. 2nd Row Beg at RH edge with RS fac­ing, work next row of 8 squares (shown in red). Re­fer­ring to Fig­ures 1 and 2, pick up and knit 14 sts on down­ward slop­ing right edge of first square, 1 st at lower point, and 14 sts along up­ward slop­ing left edge of 2nd square.

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