San­dra Cardi­gan

Drape your­self in the col­ors of an ocean sun­rise with this lace-weight, gra­di­ent wrap sweater

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28 sts and 46 rows = 4 inches/10cm in garter st. To save time, take time to check gauge.

Spe­cial Ab­bre­vi­a­tions

Knit in front, back and front (kfbf): Knit in front, back, and then front again of next st—2 sts inc. Make 1 Purl (M1P): In­sert LH nee­dle from back to front un­der hor­i­zon­tal strand be­tween last st worked and next st on LH nee­dle; purl through back of re­sult­ing loop.

Pat­tern Notes

Gar­ment fab­ric is worked on the di­ag­o­nal. A garter stitch tri­an­gle is worked for each of the Right and Left Fronts. These pieces are joined and the Back is worked be­tween them to form 1 flat Body piece.

Steeks for arm­holes are in­cor­po­rated into the main fab­ric, then are cut open to cre­ate arm­holes.

Sleeve stitches are picked up around edge of arm­hole and are worked in the round down to the cuff.

Sleeves are longer than tra­di­tional set-in sleeves be­cause the Sleeve in­cor­po­rates the shoul­der shap­ing.

Each ball of yarn has 6 dis­tinct col­ors (gra­di­ents). To align color stripes, start new pieces at the be­gin­ning of a new color in the yarn. For the Left Front, start work­ing with the same color as used for the Right Front so that stripes across the Front of the sweater will be aligned. Do like­wise for Sleeves. Some yarn will have to be cut and dis­carded, but this has been ac­counted for in the yardage. When look­ing for a ball with a good color match, ex­am­ine both ends of the yarn (the outer cut end and the in­ner cut end) to see if they are a close match to the ball(s) used for the sec­tion to be matched. This will help min­i­mize wasted yarn.

Af­ter the Left and Right Fronts are joined and the stitch count is dou­bled, a 2nd ball of yarn is added in or­der to main­tain the same width of the color bands. The 2nd ball is re­moved af­ter the arm­hole steeks are com­plete and the stitch count has been re­duced by ap­prox­i­mately half.

To mark the cen­ter stitch of the Body without us­ing a stitch marker (which would have to be moved ev­ery row), run a strand of waste yarn up the piece to the right of the cen­ter stitch. Weave it in and out of the fab­ric by flip­ping it back and forth from the right and wrong sides ev­ery few rows.

When cast­ing on, use knit cast-on (see page 80).


Left Front Us­ing shorter nee­dle, cast on 1 st. Row 1 (RS): Kfbf—3 sts. Row 2: Cast on 1 st; knit into the cas­ton st, k1-tbl, knit to end—1 st inc. Mark RS of fab­ric. Rep Row 2 un­til you have com­pleted 202 (216, 226, 236, 244) rows, end­ing with a WS row—204 (218, 228, 238, 246) sts.

Leave sts on nee­dle and set aside. Cut yarn. Right Front Us­ing 2nd shorter nee­dle, work as for Left Front; do not cut yarn. Back Join­ing row (RS): Us­ing longer nee­dle, knit across Right Front, cast on 1 st (cen­ter st), knit across Left Front sts— 409 (437, 457, 477, 493) sts. Knit 1 row, mark­ing cen­ter st. Add 2nd ball of yarn, match­ing color se­quence to that of first ball of yarn. Al­ter­nate balls 1 and 2 ev­ery 2 rows through­out, car­ry­ing non-work­ing yarn loosely along edge. Row 1 (RS): K1-tbl, k2­tog, knit to 1 st be­fore cen­ter st, sk2p, knit to end—3 sts dec. Row 2: K1-tbl, k2­tog, knit to end—1 st dec.

Rep [Rows 1 and 2] 28 (25, 22, 21, 18) times—293 (333, 365, 389, 417) sts. Set Up Arm­hole Steeks Row 1 (RS): K1-tbl, k2­tog, k67 (77, 81, 95, 105), bind off 14 sts for un­der­arm, knit to 1 st be­fore cen­ter st, sk2p, knit to last 81 (91, 95, 109, 119) sts, bind off 14 sts, knit to end—262 (302, 334, 358, 386) sts. Row 2: K1-tbl, k2­tog, knit to first bind­off, pm, cast on 14 sts for steek, pm, knit to 2nd bind-off, pm, cast on 14 sts for steek, pm, knit to end—289 (329, 361, 385, 413) sts. Con­tinue Body & Work Steeks Row 1: K1-tbl, k2­tog, knit to 1 st be­fore cen­ter st, sk2p, knit to end—3 sts dec.

Row 2: K1-tbl, k2­tog, knit to first steek marker, p14 steek sts, knit to next steek marker, p14 steek sts, knit to end—1 st dec.

Rep [last 2 rows] 24 (27, 30, 33, 38) times—189 (217, 237, 249, 257) sts. Com­plete Arm­hole Steeks Row 1 (RS): Re­mov­ing steek mark­ers when you come to them, k1-tbl, knit to first steek marker, bind off 14 steek sts, knit to 1 st be­fore cen­ter st, sk2p, knit to next steek marker, bind off 14 sts, knit to end—186 (214, 234, 246, 254) sts. Row 2: K1-tbl, k2­tog, knit to first bind­off, cast on 14 sts, knit to 2nd bind-off, cast on 14 sts, knit to end—185 (213, 233, 245, 253) sts.

Re­move a ball of yarn, and con­tinue with just 1 ball.

Con­tinue as es­tab­lished, dec 1 st at beg of each row and 2 sts at cen­ter on RS rows un­til 7 sts rem. Next row: K2, sk2p, k2—5 sts. Next row: K1, sk2p, k1—3 sts. Next row: Sk2p—1 st.

Fas­ten off. Right Arm­hole Steek & Sleeve Note: Steek col­umns may be sewn on a sewing ma­chine, but this will pro­duce a fac­ing with less stretch. With RS fac­ing, lo­cate next-to-last (2nd from right) col­umn of sts at bot­tom of cast-on edge of steek. Slip-St Col­umn: Us­ing cro­chet hook at­tach yarn, then pull work­ing end of yarn up through the cen­ter of the st on first row. *In­sert hook through the cen­ter of the next st in col­umn, then pick up work­ing yarn and draw it through cen­ter of the st and then through first loop. Rep from * un­til reach­ing bound-off edge of the steek. Cut and tie off se­curely.

Make ad­di­tional slip-st col­umns on 4th, 6th, 9th, 11th and 13th col­umns of steek sts, count­ing from right.

Cut steek ver­ti­cally be­tween 7th and 8th sts (count­ing from right).

Fold right flap of steek sts in half length­wise, then fold over again at the edge of the sleeve open­ing to form a fac­ing on the WS of work. Sew first folded edge to the in­side edge of sleeve about 1/2 inch from the folded edge. Tuck ends of the slip-st col­umn yarns into fac­ing. Sew cast-on and bound-off edges to in­side of body.

Rep for left flap of steek. Right Sleeve With RS fac­ing, us­ing dpns and beg at cen­ter bot­tom of arm­hole, pick up and knit 7 sts along bound-off edge, 1 st in corner, 1 st be­tween each ridge of ver­ti­cal edge, 1 st in corner, 14 sts across cast-on edge, 1 st in corner, 1 st be­tween each ridge ver­ti­cal sel­vage edge, 1 st in corner and 7 sts along bound-off edge. Pm for beg of rnd.

Count sts and record. Rnd 1: Purl, mak­ing evenly spaced incs (us­ing M1P) or decs (us­ing p2­tog), around arm­hole open­ing as nec­es­sary to ad­just st count to 86 (92, 98, 108, 120) sts. Rnd 2: Knit. Rnd 3: Purl.

Rep [Rnds 2 and 3] un­til sleeve mea­sures 31/2 inches, end­ing with a purl rnd. Dec rnd: K1, k2­tog, knit to last 3 sts, skp, k1—84 (90, 96, 106, 118) sts.

Rep Dec rnd [ev­ery 28 rnds (14 ridges)] 6 (7, 7, 8, 8) more times— 72 (76, 82, 90, 102) sts.

Work even un­til sleeve mea­sures 221/4 (233/4, 233/4, 241/4, 241/4) inches.

Us­ing a dou­ble strand of yarn, bind off loosely. Left Arm­hole Steek & Sleeve Work same as Right Arm­hole Steek & Sleeve.


Weave in ends and block to mea­sure­ments.

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