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Creative Knitting - - KNITTING SCHOOL -

[] work in­struc­tions within brack­ets as many times as di­rected () work in­struc­tions within paren­the­ses in the place di­rected ** re­peat in­struc­tions fol­low­ing the as­ter­isks as di­rected * re­peat in­struc­tions fol­low­ing the sin­gle as­ter­isk as di­rected " inch(es) ap­prox ap­prox­i­mately beg be­gin/be­gins/be­gin­ning CC con­trast­ing color ch chain stitch cm cen­time­ter(s) cn cable nee­dle dec(s) de­crease/de­creases/ de­creas­ing dpn(s) dou­ble-point nee­dle(s) g gram(s) inc(s) in­crease/in­creases/ in­creas­ing k knit k2­tog knit 2 stitches to­gether kfb knit in front and back kwise knit­wise LH left hand m me­ter(s) MC main color mm mil­lime­ter(s) oz ounce(s) p purl p2­tog purl 2 stitches to­gether pat(s) pat­tern(s) pm place marker psso pass slipped stitch over pwise purl­wise rem re­main/re­mains/re­main­ing rep(s) re­peat(s) rev St st re­verse stock­inette stitch RH right hand rnd(s) rounds RS right side skp slip 1 knit­wise, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over—a left­lean­ing de­crease sk2p slip 1 knit­wise, knit 2 to­gether, pass slipped stitch over the stitch from the knit2-to­gether de­crease—a left­lean­ing dou­ble de­crease sl slip sl 1 kwise slip 1 knit­wise sl 1 pwise slip 1 purl­wise sl st(s) slipped stitch(es) ssk slip 2 stitches, 1 at a time, knit­wise; knit these stitches to­gether through the back loops—a left-lean­ing de­crease st(s) stitch(es) St st stock­inette stitch tbl through back loop(s) tog to­gether WS wrong side wyib with yarn in back wyif with yarn in front yd(s) yard(s) yfwd yarn for­ward yo (yo’s) yarn over(s)

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