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“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.” —Ge­or­gia O’Ke­effe

Knit­ting is my art. Oc­ca­sion­ally, I will dab­ble in wa­ter­col­ors or pull out some fancy brush pens and try to “let­ter” some­thing. But those things never quite do what I want them to do. Knit­ting I can con­trol. Well, sort of. Some­times the knit­ting has a mind of its own and what I set out to do is not what I ac­com­plish, but mostly we get along. And if the knit­ting re­ally mis­be­haves, I just rip it out. I’m ruth­less like that. Be­fore I was de­sign­ing, my fa­vorite way to put my own stamp on my knit­ting was with color. I quickly de­cided I couldn’t be both­ered with try­ing to find the same color that was used in any given de­sign. First, what if that color looks ter­ri­ble on me? I am not a woman who can wear yel­low. Peo­ple think I’m ill. Sec­ond, I don’t want a knit­ted piece that looks ex­actly like every­one else’s— I want to make it my own. And third, color is so fun, so free­ing! There are so many beau­ti­ful variations to choose from—I could go on­line right now and find a hun­dred variations of pur­ple alone.

In this is­sue of Cre­ative Knit­ting, we’ve tried to warm up win­ter with color. Yes, the sweater I ac­tu­ally de­signed my­self is gray—but it’s not just gray. It’s that beau­ti­ful swirling, pale blue-gray you see on a calm win­ter after­noon. But there are lots of bright, beau­ti­ful col­ors to choose from in this is­sue—in sweaters, blan­kets and hats that will keep you cozy all win­ter long! So, pick a project and then find the color for it that sings to your soul.

What beau­ti­ful col­ors will be on your nee­dles this win­ter? I’d love to see!

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