Cro­chet Trim For Your Knits

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Whether it’s the neck­line of a sweater or a bor­der on an afghan, hav­ing a lit­tle know-how in cro­chet can make an im­pact on the look and feel of our knit­ted projects. Learn­ing the sin­gle cro­chet (sc) trim is the per­fect place to start be­cause the re­sults are easy and el­e­gant ev­ery time. Step 1: Start by mak­ing a slip knot and plac­ing it on the cro­chet hook. Be­gin with the right side of your piece fac­ing. Step 2: With one loop on the hook, insert your hook through the knit edge. Step 3: From front to back and over the top of the hook, wrap the yarn around, let­ting the hook grab it. Step 4: Use the hook to pull that yarn back through to the front. You’ll no­tice you have two loops on your hook now. Step 5: Wrap your yarn around the hook again, just like in Step 3, over the top edge of your knit­ting (you aren’t in­sert­ing the hook this time). Step 6: Use the hook to pull that yarn back through BOTH of the loops that you had on the hook. Now you have one loop again. Move to the next “stitch” or place­ment in your knit­ting and re­peat Steps 2–6 for a sin­gle cro­chet trim along the en­tire edge of your piece. Once you’ve mas­tered this cro­chet method, you are well on your way to learn­ing fancier trims!

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