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You will work the first round with your main color. The next 2 rounds will be worked with your 2nd color choice. Be sure to work Rounds 2 and 3 slip­ping the first stitch and ev­ery 4th stitch purl­wise with the yarn in the back. This will cre­ate elon­gated stitches in the main color as shown in Photo 1.

Work­ing Round 4 with the main color, work the first set of cables. These cables will slant the slipped stitches to the left. To work the Left Cross, slip the first slipped stitch to a cable nee­dle and hold it in front of the fab­ric. Knit the next 2 stitches (Photo 2), then knit the stitch that’s on the cable nee­dle (Photo 3). Your first cable is com­plete. Knit the next stitch and then re­peat the Left Cross. No­tice how the elon­gated slipped stitch slants to the left (Photo 4).

Knit a round with the main color. Work Rounds 6 and 7 us­ing your 3rd color choice and fol­low­ing the same slipped stitch pat­tern­ing as Rounds 2 and 3. You now have an­other sec­tion of elon­gated slipped stitches in your main color.

On the last round of the pat­tern, things get a lit­tle trick­ier in or­der to work the Right Cross and keep the stitches even along the round. The be­gin­ning of your round needs to shift to the right—this keeps the be­gin­ning of the pat­tern stitch in the same place through­out and helps to hide the jog of your striped sec­tions. Take the first slipped stitch of the round and place it on a re­mov­able stitch marker (Photo 5). Move the last stitch from the pre­vi­ous round to your left-hand nee­dle. This will be the new first stitch of the round. Leave the stitch on the re­mov­able marker hang­ing to­ward the front of the fab­ric un­til needed. You have now worked part of the first Right Cross.

Knit what is now the new first stitch of the round and then knit the next stitch as well. You are now ready to work a com­plete Right Cross. To work the Right Cross, slip the next 2 stitches to the cable nee­dle and hold it in the back of the fab­ric (Photo 5). Knit the next stitch (the stitch that was slipped on the pre­vi­ous 2 rounds) and then knit the 2 stitches from the cable nee­dle. The Right Cross is com­plete. Knit the next stitch and then con­tinue to work the cable stitches to the last stitch of the round. You are now ready to com­plete the last Right Cross that you started the round with when you moved the be­gin­ning of the round and placed a stitch on the stitch marker. Take the stitch that’s on the stitch marker and place it on the left-hand nee­dle, and then knit it (Photo 6). Fi­nally, knit the last stitch of the round to com­plete the cable cross. You can leave the stitch marker where it is un­til you need it on the next re­peat of Round 8.

Look­ing at Photo 7 be­low, you can see how the cables are slant­ing back and forth with their elon­gated slipped stitches float­ing over the top of the striped sec­tions. This pat­tern stitch may seem a lit­tle fussy, but it is well worth the ef­fort and af­ter a few re­peats the cables will be­come eas­ier to ma­neu­ver. You may even try work­ing them with­out a cable nee­dle.

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