Annie's Crochet World Autumn 2019 : 2019-09-01

Home For Christmas : 21 : 21

Home For Christmas

TIE Make 2. With wine, ch 65, fasten off. The perfect reusable gift! Present a gift in this sweet crocheted bag and after it has been opened the bag can be stuffed and used as a toy or small pillow! ASSEMBLY Wrap a 12-inch length of vanilla around center of mustache, knot tightly to gather. Thread yarn ends RS to WS through center st of row 10 of face. Knot ends tightly to secure. Thread rem length of nose through tapestry needle and weave through tops of sts of rnd 2, pull tightly to gather and knot to secure. Pull end to WS just above mustache and sew nose to face. Divide a 12-inch length of linen into plies. Use 1 ply and tapestry needle to sew eye buttons above nose as desired. For cheeks, use cotton swab to lightly apply blush on face. Place front and back WS tog, working through both thicknesse­s, vanilla to end of row 27 on top left side of bag, work sc evenly sp in ends of rows along left side edge, across bottom edge and along right side of bag to top edge, inc as needed and changing yarn color as color changes. With RS facing, weave 1 tie end through ch-1 sps across row 22 of front and back, beg and ending on left side edge of bag, knot ends tog to secure. Weave 2nd tie starting and ending on right side edge. To form tassel, cut 3 strands of wine each 8 inches in length. Attach center of strands over knotted tie end using a sc join (see Special Stitch) lark’s head knot (see illustrati­on). Make another tassel and attach to 2nd tie. Trim ends to desired length. Lark’s Head Knot CW

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