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Home For Christmas : 27 : 27

Home For Christmas

hetWorld N! AUTUM TSFOR PROJEC E CREATIV FUL& Love to Crochet? ® c o r C World 20 LOR CO Crochet ER2018 OCTOB INE MAGAZ ET CROCH ITE FAVOR CA’S AMERI DISCOVER - STASH BUSTING PROJECTS Then you’ll love &GIFT-GIVING DECORATING CTSFORHOLI­DAY EasyCable t Croche Bonus etWorld ® World 25 Crochet ch ro C PROJE Crochet World! Online With Pattern d! Include lLink Tutoria Every issue features: • 20+ NEW patterns never before published • Detailed full-color photos to guide you • Design for fashion, home decor, gifts and more • Plus, tips, techniques, and holiday and seasonal inspiratio­n! DECEMBER 2018 CROCHET MAGAZINE AMERICA’S FAVORITE 40 page CHRISTMAS STAR THROW Annual Cover Price 35.94 Us Find $ Afghan Windows Attic page14 Angel Blessings st Decorate a Pro • Join Motifs Like Video • Free Online Tutorial Harve Your ingTable Thanksgiv Your Best Rate 19.98 page 16 Quick & Easy Gifts Last- $ 10+ Minute Projects You Can Crochet in Under 12 Hours! Crochet 22 World COL ORF C r o c UL PROJECT STOSTITCH FOR SPRING! per year! hetWorld ® Subscribe Now at Introducto­ry Savings! AMERIC A’S FAVORI TE CROCH ET MAGAZ INE SpringCott­age KitchenSet APRIL2019 • Cosmos Doily• BabyBunny •LacyFerns Afghan•&7 More Welcom Project e sto Spring page12 Us Find Crochet 21 World PROJEC Puppy Christmas page 6 Cr oc TS! CABLES, COLORS, TECHNIQUES & MORE! hetWorld Pineapples Aplenty 5 ® Project sfor Pineapp le Lovers! Meet Designe r& Author Kristin Omdah lCroche AMERICA’S FAVORITE CROCHET MAGAZINE CABLES & LACE DOILY From HerLatest Shawl ttheMeri Book! FEBRUARY 2019 Crochet- page Add Texture & Dimension to Your Threadwork 28 6 Colorful Toast y Winter Us

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