Annie's Crochet World Autumn 2019 : 2019-09-01

Merry & Bright : 95 : 95

Merry & Bright

With white, sc in back lp around Ear. Leaving length of yarn to sew to head, fasten off. MANE This cute unicorn will add a bright spot to your holiday tree! Make 2. With Monet, ch 25, sc across, turn. Work 1 row of Fasten off. Place 1 strip behind ornament hook and the other below the first. Fold each into a U shape and sew to back of head, using photo as a guide. DLS (see Special Stitch). BOW Row 1: With Delft blue, ch 15, dc in 4th ch from hook and in next 4 chs, sc in next 2 chs, dc in last 5 chs. turn. Dc in each dc, sc in each of the 2 sc, dc in each dc. Leaving long end, fasten off. Wrap yarn several times around center of bow. Sew horn and ears on top of head. Tack bow to head in front of horn. Ch 3 Row 2: (see Pattern Notes), FINISHING Glue on wiggle eyes as shown in photo. Using black and straight stitches (see illustrati­on), embroider a smile and nostrils as shown in photo. CW 2 1 Straight Stitch

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