Annie's Crochet World Autumn 2019 : 2019-09-01

Merry & Bright : 97 : 97

Merry & Bright

ASSEMBLY Place Center Tweed Panel at center. With heads of deer upward, place an End Panel at each top and bottom of center. With WS facing and using standard crochet hook, working through both thicknesse­s, hunter green in end st on RS, sl st in same st as joining, [ch 1, sl st in next st] across. Fasten off. Rep Assembly with 2nd End Panel. 8 10 6 12 4 14 162 9 7 11 5 13 13 15 join (see Cross- Stitch over Afghan Stitch Pattern Notes) For the partial cross-stitch on forehead and haunch, make cross from top left to bottom right and then from center to designated corner as indicated on chart. With a length of black, embroider each nose and eye with a EDGING Rnd 1: French With standard crochet hook size H, join hunter green in any corner, ch 1, [3 sc in corner st, sc evenly sp across edge to next corner] around, join in first sc. [Ch 2, sk next sc, sl st in next sc] around entire outer edge. Fasten off. knot (see illustrati­on). Rnd 2: CW 1 1 2 French Knot Rep End Panel COLOR KEY Hunter green Red/red Warm brown Warm brown Warm brown Black French Knot Center Tweed Panel End Panel Rep Prancing Reindeer Afghan Cross- Stitch Chart 97 CROCHET-WORLD.COM AUTUMN 2019

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