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Merry & Bright : 99 : 99

Merry & Bright

Rnd 4: Sc in each sc around, sl st in next sc. Leaving a 9-inch length, fasten off. Thread tapestry needle with rem length, weave through sts of rnd 4, insert pearl bead in crocheted Candy, pull to close opening, knot to secure, Set aside. Gingerbrea­d House Ornament Continued from page 51 twist between fingers in opposite directions to form spiral. Pin each end of spiral on pinning board and leave until time to attach to house. do not fasten off. Whipstitch Edges CANDY ASSEMBLY Using photo as a guide for placement, sew Door and Wreath to Front. Sew 2nd Wreath to Back. Sew a Window to each Side with Window Snow Trim centered over top of each Window. Sew Side 2 to Back. Sew Roof sections tog at center top and sew Peak Snow Scallops at center top across Roof. Sew Roof to House. Sew Bottom to House. Using care to maintain twist, sew Candy Cane Twists to each joined section of House. Because Roof Candy Cane Twists are not easily sewn below roof, glue 2 to each Front and Back underside of Roof. Sew Bottom Snow Trim along bottom edge of House. Sew 9 pieces of Candy along top edge of Roof centered on Peak Snow Scallops. Glue 3 pieces of Candy to each Front and Back centered over junctions of Candy Cane Twists. Making hanging lp of length desired, secure clear monofilame­nt centered on 5th Candy on Roof. Make 2 each daffodil med, Kelly green, grape dk, ocean turquoise lt, bright orange and raspberry pink lt. Make 1 each grape med, plum med and Christmas red. Rnd 1: Following Placement Diagram, whipstitch edges (see illustra­ of Front, Back and Sides 1 and 2 as indicated. Do not whipstitch Side 2 and Back tog at this time. tion) Ch 2, 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook, do not join. 2 sc in each sc around. (5 sc) Rnd 2: (10 sc) Rnd 3: Sc in each sc around. Gingerbrea­d House Ornament Front Gingerbrea­d House Ornament Roof Cut & Back Cut 2 2 Note: Each square of grid equals 1 square plastic canvas. Note: Each square of grid equals 1 square plastic canvas. CW Back Side 1 Front Side 2 Gingerbrea­d House Ornament Bottom Cut Gingerbrea­d House Ornament Side Cut Gingerbrea­d House Ornament Placement Diagram of House Sections 1 2 Note: Each square of grid equals 1 square plastic canvas. Note: Each square of grid equals 1 square plastic canvas. 99 CROCHET-WORLD.COM AUTUMN 2019

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