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Mea­sur­ing Your Cat for a Cus­tom-Size Cat Bas­ket

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1. Find your cat. As we all know, cats in­con­ve­niently dis­ap­pear when you need to find them. Check un­der beds, in clos­ets and even in­side cup­boards as cats have Hou­dini-level van­ish­ing skills. 2. En­list a friend for an ex­tra set of hands. Your cat will not want to be man­han­dled, and you’ll need the ex­tra mus­cle. 3. Ply your cat gen­er­ously with treats—they’re not above be­ing bribed. 4. While your helper holds your cat still, mea­sure from top of head to base of tail. Re­mem­ber to keep feed­ing your cat with treats and giv­ing gen­er­ous scratches and com­pli­ments. Your cat will be more amenable if he’s be­ing treated like the royal he is. 5. Once you have your cat’s mea­sure­ment, sub­tract 5–6 inches—this is the di­am­e­ter of your cat bas­ket. Though cats can as­sume a liq­uid state and fit into the tini­est of con­tain­ers, this mea­sure­ment will give him room to stretch while still keep­ing him cozy and comfy.

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