My Life in Cro­chet

Crochet! - - Contents - By Ellen Gorm­ley

I have al­ways loved to cro­chet, but re­cently it has taken on a new mean­ing in my life. There is just some­thing com­pletely mag­i­cal about turn­ing noth­ing but yarn into some­thing gor­geous with my magic wand (hook). My hus­band was de­ployed for most of my ex­tremely dif­fi­cult preg­nancy. On the day my son was born, a very close fam­ily mem­ber passed away sud­denly. I then got di­ag­nosed with a scary, life- chang­ing med­i­cal con­di­tion. Through all of this I was struggling with post­par­tum de­pres­sion and anx­i­ety. Cro­chet be­came my life­line. I loved hav­ing some­thing that I could con­trol. I knew how to ma­nip­u­late the strands to cre­ate some­thing truly gor­geous. My son may be over 2 now, but I still cro­chet when I feel like I am los­ing my con­trol on the world around me. Cro­chet is my happy place. Bai­ley Sims

I dis­cov­ered how cro­chet en­hanced my life on Feb. 14, 2012, when I slipped on some black ice and frac­tured my right wrist. It took surgery and weeks of in­tense phys­i­cal ther­apy to get at least some func­tion back, but it will never be the same. A few months later, I picked up yarn and hook for the first time. It was a sim­ple scarf pat­tern made with scrap yarn. At first my wrist was so weak that I could only do about a dozen stitches at a time be­fore I had to rest for a mo­ment. Even­tu­ally it smoothed out— but talk about un­even! My stitches were all over the place! It even has a spot where some­how I ended up with dif­fer­ent­color yarn. I de­cided that it co­in­cided with my surgery scar and called it My Bro­ken Wrist Scarf. And I couldn't have been prouder of that achieve­ment. Joann Budy

I'm a 15- year- old that re­ally loves cro­chet­ing. I was taught by a very nice woman at a craft show who was sell­ing her cro­chet projects. I cro­chet al­most ev­ery day! My fa­vorite things to cro­chet are hats, es­pe­cially ribbed ones. Peo­ple who cro­chet are typ­i­cally la­beled as "grand­mas," so I want peo­ple to know that even younger peo­ple cro­chet! Cro­chet­ing re­ally helps me fo­cus and is a way to pass time when wait­ing. I love that you can cro­chet al­most any­where, and there are no elec­tronic charg­ers needed. Cro­chet­ing is great for long car rides, flights and when you have to wait for some­thing. Han­nah Rose

I started cro­chet­ing when I was in high school. My grandma be­gan teach­ing me, but it was hard since she is righthanded and I am left- handed (also vis­ually im­paired). There­fore, I learned to cro­chet and knit from Youtube and other web­sites. I found cro­chet­ing helped with the stress of col­lege and teach­ing. I love to make projects for oth­ers! Some of my friends call me Grandma! I now teach cro­chet and knit­ting to my high school stu­dents. It feels great to teach stu­dents this hobby! Ab­bie But­ler

Cro­chet has been a life­saver!

About six years ago my lit­tle fam­ily and I were go­ing through a rough time. My hus­band is a dis­abled veteran with health prob­lems. We are par­ents to three young boys and I have an old­est from a pre­vi­ous re­la­tion­ship who lives with his dad. My life con­tained lot of stress, and I needed a dis­trac­tion. At first I tried knit­ting but couldn't get the hang of it; so, I tried cro­chet and have been cro­chet­ing ever since. I cro­chet while wait­ing with my hus­band at his many ap­point­ments … and for my own san­ity! Catherine Ross

As a busy mom, when I find time to cre­ate, cro­chet is the form of artist out­let that helps me re­lax. Af­ter my child is put to bed, I grab my hook and my yarn and I sit down on my couch and just start the rhyth­mic move­ments of the yarn and the hook in and out, up and down. It is calm­ing to my mind to just watch the beau­ti­ful color of yarn mak­ing some­thing out of noth­ing. What was once just a ball of yarn is now a hol­i­day or­na­ment, a scarf for some­one in the mil­i­tary to pro­vide com­fort over­sees, an heir­loom blan­ket to keep my loved ones warm at night, or a lit­tle hat for a pre­emie baby in the hospi­tal. Con­quer­ing a new stitch pat­tern and learn­ing new tech­niques give me a feel­ing of ac­com­plish­ment. Dar­cell Brown

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