Baby But­ton Boot Socks & Ear Flap Cap

Crochet! - - Continued -


Use pom­pom maker, or cut 2 card­board cir­cles with 21/2 [31/2]- inch di­am­e­ter. Cut a hole in the cen­ter of each cir­cle, about 1/2 inch in di­am­e­ter. Hold­ing both sil­ver and CC tog, thread a tapestry nee­dle with a length of yarn dou­bled. Hold­ing both cir­cles tog, in­sert nee­dle through cen­ter hole, over the out­side edge, and through cen­ter again (see Fig. 1 of il­lus­tra­tion) un­til en­tire cir­cle is cov­ered and cen­ter hole is filled (thread more length of yarn as needed). With sharp scis­sors, cut yarn be­tween the 2 cir­cles all around the cir­cum­fer­ence (see Fig. 2). Us­ing 2 12- inch strands of yarn, slip yarn be­tween cir­cles and over­lap yarn ends 2 or 3 times to prevent knot from slip­ping (see Fig. 3), pull tightly and tie into a firm knot. Re­move card­board and fluff out Pom­pom by rolling it be­tween your hands. Trim even with scis­sors; leave the ty­ing ends for when at­tach­ing Pom­pom to project. Fas­ten Pom­pom to top of cap.


Make 2. Cut 6 strands CC and 3 strands sil­ver each 28 [30] inches long. Place cen­ter of strands through last row on Ear Flap mak­ing 18 strands 14 [15] inches long. With 2 sets of 6 CC strands and 1 set of 6 sil­ver strands, braid strands to de­sired length, tie end in over­hand knot, trim as de­sired.


Us­ing photo for guide, sew 10 [11] but­tons evenly sp around Body of cap.


With CC, us­ing photo for guide, ran­domly sur­face sl st a jagged line around Body of cap so that first and last st meet at back of cap.

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