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- Reviewed and written by Janice Snyder, Editorial Assistant Note: This review is current as of the Version 1.0.39 update. The developer, Rick Fleuren, is very open to suggestion­s to improve this app and makes helpful upgrades frequently.

Pocket Crochet is a crocheting app to keep track of all your crochet projects no matter where you go. You can easily add a new project to the app or explore the app by clicking on one of the preloaded free projects. It can also be set to several different languages, including German, French, English and Spanish.

To import a pattern, first name your pattern by clicking the add project button (circle with large + sign). A details page will open where you will have the option to upload a PDF or a photo of the pattern as well as adding details such as hook size, start date, website, notes, pattern files, images and yarn.

Once added, select your project from the home screen; it will appear on the screen and give you the ability to make it larger or smaller so it can easily be viewed. There is a page selector at the bottom of the pattern on which you can set your page. When you exit the app and reopen it, it will remain on the same page where you left off.

It also has a wrench and screwdrive­r symbol in the upper right corner. After clicking that symbol, you will have the choice of seeing conversion­s from metric to imperial measuremen­ts, or you can choose annotation­s. All annotation­s are saved on your pattern upon exiting. The following annotation choices are available: Pencil— You can change width and color and mark on your pattern.

Paint roller (marker)— You can change width and color to highlight parts of your pattern.

Stamp— You can choose the style, size and color of your stamp.

Letter— This allows you to type on the pattern in your preferred size, font and color. Eraser— If you mark something on your pattern and later wish to erase it, click this icon and you can easily swipe over that mark to erase it.

Eye— While on the annotation­s screen, the eye allows you to zoom in and out of the pattern so that you can make your note in the exact spot needed.

There are three icons that stay at the bottom of the screen throughout most processes. They are Home, Pattern and Project. Home takes you back to the home screen, Pattern takes you back to the uploaded pattern, and Project takes you back to the details page. In a recent upgrade, the developer duplicated the row counter. Now it not only appears on the detail page of your project, but it also remains static at the top of your uploaded directions file. This allows you to just click the plus or minus signs to always track your next row.

By scrolling all the way to the bottom of the details page, you can archive a pattern once you’ve completed it, or if you’ve started a project and find it’s not your style, you can easily delete it from the app.

Overall, I think if you’re at all familiar with technology, this is an easy app to learn to use. I have personally used it and urge you to check it out in your app store under Pocket Crochet.

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