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Stitch Sampler Wall Hanging


Rows 24–31: Rep row 2 of Section A. Fasten off.

Rows 32–36: Rep rows 13–17 of Section A. Do not fasten off. Rows 37 & 38: Repeat rows 14 and 15 of Section A. Fasten off. Rows 39–45: With silver, rep row 2 of Section A. Fasten off.

Top Edging of Section C

With RS facing, beg in unworked lps on opposite edge of row 1, rep rows 13–15 of Section A with denim. Fasten off.


With WS tog, join side edge of Cable Section (B) to bottom edge of Section A by working reverse

sc (see Stitch Guide) through both thicknesse­s. Pin both pieces so ends match to keep sts and join even.

With WS facing, join bottom side edge of Cable Section (B) to top edge of Section C with reverse sc, pinning as for previous join. Wet-block entire project and pin so edges are even. Let dry completely.

With silver, work a row of sc evenly along both long sides of project.

Fold rows 1–12 of Section A

(WS tog) in half and use silver to whipstitch row 1 to row 12 on back side of project to create a pocket for dowel. Slide in dowel.


With silver, ch 50 and attach to dowel using yarn tails and photo as a guide.


Cut 126 lengths of silver yarn each about 10 inches long. Fold 1 length in half. Using hook pull folded end through last row of Section C. Use hook to pull both ends of this length through the folded end now on hook. Pull tight to secure. Rep across bottom edge of Section C. Rep again across last row now working in sides of each st so fringe is doubled.

Trim Fringe to 4¾ inches long.

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